February 14, 2023



Hermana Macievic


Hola de nuevo, soy yo

As I’m writing this letter, I’m still clinging on to dear life ahahah. Hopefully next week I will be more alert while writing my letter aha.
So, I'll just get right to it … this week has been a week of sickness and staying inside a ton!
1st I found out that my bruise got 10x bigger and honestly it is a cool mark or bump on my thigh that I will have for months. ahaha.
2nd My comp gets sick….then I got sick.
3rd I start one of my monthlies… girls know …
4th I started getting a sore throat and now my voice is gone.
5th Sunday comes around and that's when things start really going downhill … I had just finished the second hour in Relief Society, and our Spanish group always brings snacks after. Today they brought Banana Bread Muffins !! Me wanting to try new foods, I decided to eat it, once I took a bite out of it… I found out it had walnuts in it (if you don't know this I have a tree nut allergy) as I was already sick and my throat was hurting … eating walnuts made it 100x worse. Anyways, I ended up having an allergic reaction, I started to panic and ran outside the church building gasping for air. My companions realized it was serious so they drove me to the nearest hospital which was this little urgent care building. The doctor had to inject me with the Epi-Pen shot in my arm so I could breathe and it worked! He told me I had to get 2 more shots in my butt. After those two shots, it was uncomfortable to sit down and I was shaking like crazy because of the adrenaline!!! Then I could barely fill out the medical paperwork. But, on a positive note, I was able to call my parents to let them know what had happened since I needed my insurance information. Anyways my comps were the best and distracted me with Jesus' photos and hospital gloves making me laugh the whole time I was there. They are GOATED for that by the way!!! Then I went home and slept because I had a lot of medication in me LOL
6th The next day my cold got worse, I felt like passing out and I couldn't talk at all. I had to sit quietly during the lessons because I was so weak. Then when we were eating dinner at a member's house my arm started going numb from the medicine that had been injected into it. It was the worst pain I had ever felt. Once we went home I tried to take a nap but ended up going to bed at 7 pm….Yeah so after all of this, I'm still alive and I’m still taking a lot of medication !!!
I now have to carry an epi-pen with me everywhere I go which is a good thing … Bad thing is I still don't have it but I should be getting it soon lol.

Interesting Things That Happened:
○ Our car had a nail in the tire so we had to go to the car shop and get it fixed and got to walk around the town and do comp/Spanish study.
○ Bruise I got is 10x bigger it’s purple, blue, and red… the doctor said it would last a couple of months. I call it my galaxy bruise because it looks like a galaxy! My companion let me use her hash-browns to ice my thigh
○ Stayed in the house all day long because my comp was sick !!
○ Got to take a 4-month update on my Spanish. Last time I got a 3.1 and when I took it this time I got a 3.8 ahahah….yeah slowly but surely I have been improving my Spanish so I'm proud of that
○ Found out that the only way to get rid of hiccups is to take sips of water
○ Got to make homemade fríes in the air fryer!!!! The key is to let them soak in water before.
○ Companion gave me a cool sticker to make me feel better so that was sick
○ Found a cool giraffe
○ Miracles can happen !!! We found 3 potential people to teach and hopefully get to see them if I'm feeling well… we also got 2 fellow shippers for lessons (members that come to lessons with the people who were teaching).
○ Saw a cool Chucky picture
○ Comp pretended like she was Bethany Hamilton for me because I couldn't use my arm that got a shot in it because it was sore and it was pretty funny.

As I was lying dead on the couch trying to sleep off the pain I still had my ears functioning and listened to my companions trying to call some people that hadn't been called in a long time. In the past, they just were not interested. Anyways my companions were blocked so they did the *67 trick to see if the call would go through and if it did that meant that they blocked you but they went with it and the guy answered the phone and long story short they taught a quick lesson over the phone and set up a time to meet because he was interested in hearing more from us!! Literally, a miracle if you ask me … even though I didn't do anything it was all in God's will to make me sick for that man.

Mosiah 14:12
Therefore will I divide him a portion with the great, and he shall divide the spoil with the strong; because he hath poured out his soul unto death; and he was numbered with the transgressors; and he bore the sins of many, and made intercession for the transgressors.

Jesus went through my sickness so I can overcome it!

☆ " 1 shot in the arm and 2 booty shots" - Hermana Carter


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