January 18, 2023



Hermana Loosli


Hola de nuevo soy yo

Today was pretty chill for the most part, I got to play ultimate Frisbee at the park with our district and almost fell in the mud. My shoes are now covered in mud and my feet are definitely wet but my team came through and got the win in the end!! Afterwards, we played soccer and then saw an Elder lick a worm and almost ate it!!
Nothing too exciting happened this week but there were tons of people who we started teaching and inactive families coming to church!! We also had Pablo go off date due to him accepting everything except Joseph Smith … yeah but I am still hoping for a baptism in the future for him! Good news though…. we had a lesson with Juan Carlos and taught the gospel of Jesus Christ after we asked what he feels like he should do and he said he wants to get baptized!!!! So that was a huge miracle but next time we meet him we are going to put him on date so please pray for him!!

Interesting Things That Happened:
○Got to use the rest of my Chick-fil-A gift card and I have never been so happy to go there!
○Got house supplies and ordered an air fryer!!!
○Went to Jorge's baptism in our ward and got to see him and congratulate him. My companions and I gave the missionary moment and taught the gospel of Jesus Christ in Spanish.
○ I went to Wendy's and got a key tag that was only 2$ for free frostys for a whole year
○ We had 60 people come to church…. it's still not a lot of people for anyone else but for us, it was the most the Bishop has ever seen in forever!!! Got pastries from this Romanian family who are so sweet!
○ Saw a rainbow and the sun and it cleaned all my "seasonal depression" of just being in rain all the time ahah
○ Companion was sick most of the time but she is doing fine now
○"When I am baptized" is a banger of a song !!!

Spiritual thought:
We had a 4-hour zone conference and somehow I got through it without falling asleep. I always get something spiritual out of it so I wanted to share what I learned! The scripture I shared down below is my motivation to do the lord's work and have joy with it. Jesus chose me to do his work so I need to choose him over everything. Saying it is always better than doing but this really made me realize I need to be committed to the work and put effort into his children that he is preparing for me to talk to. I focused a lot on what faith really is and it's not just believing but it's actually acting in faith to show that you love Heavenly Father. I need to commit to him FULLY and he will give me more than what I ever dreamed of. As my president put it … we need to jump out of the boat as Peter did. Have the faith to go and do; he will always go before us and show us the way. God always wants us to receive blessings we can not comprehend when we CHOSE to have faith in him and change.

John 15:16
Ye have not chosen me, but I have chosen you, and ordained you, that ye should go and bring forth fruit, and that your fruit should remain: that whatsoever ye shall ask of the Father in my name, he may give it to you.

■ "I don't have my standards" - hna loosli
"Cálmate hija… you'll get your standards soon"- hna Larsen
■"I want to go to the hospital to feel like I'm cared for"- hna Larsen.
■"Whos touching my dogs" - hna Secrist
■ " I don't like taking drugs (literally ibuprofen)" - Hna loosli
■( Elder Burrell reading a child's book in the nursery) " Oh hey hermana I'm just doing my personal study"
■" I'll be there for you"- all
■" Anakin es muy guapo… and a child of god"


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