January 3, 2023



Hermana Loosli


Hola de nuevo soy yo

California has been raining like crazy. Non Stop rain for a whole week especially on New Year's Eve. New Year's was super fun but we had to be back at our apartment at 8 pm because of the drunk drivers and crazy weather with the rain and wind. It got super bad to the point where our lights were going on and off in our apartment complex and we ended up with no lights on around 9 pm because the electricity went out. But good thing we had Santa lights for Christmas!!! We used that string of light to go to different parts of the room (imagine kindergartens using a rope so nobody gets lost.. yeah that was us). We were together in the study room and played card games like trash and maybe a poker game with our Christmas candy (suckers $10, jolly ranchers $20, kisses $100)….. I actually won and I'm pretty proud of that. We stayed up till 11 and celebrated Utah time for New Year's and drank Martinelli's …well 2 of us did…my other companion drank Apple Juice because she can't handle the Martinelli. It was definitely a crazy night but definitely worth it…until we had to wake up early. We made it out of the house with a few bags under our eyes and almost fell asleep during church.

Interesting Things That Happened:
○ GOT CRUMBLE COOKIES from mi padres!! Gracias!!! My companions and I got way too excited about that
○ Got plates of meat from Denis (a guy we have been visiting) too bad I was on my FAST!!!
○ Went to Trader Joe's for the first time … companion said don't buy anything organic
○ Made an Oreo gingerbread house with my companions… we named it "The Crack Gingerbread House" and then Sang apostate songs… (Stacy's mom, forever, and Jesse's mom) don't regret it at all
○ Took pictures of the neighborhood lights ..bad quality … but it was beautiful.
○ Got haircuts for P-day !!! Really regret it because I honestly would have cut my own hair if I would have know how much it was going to cost me, plus I could have cut my own hair for free!!
○ Found out Hermana Secrist has a smiley face tattoo on her lip!! It was so cool and hilarious …didn't get a picture but it was awesome
○ Doc Martens are élite Boots ….let me tell you, I walked in 6 inches of water and did not get wet one bit
○ Got a diffusor from my grandma Ruth!!! BEST thing ever.
○ Tucked my companion in her bed and stuck a bow on her head ( I did a pretty good TUCK JOB) I tried to drop a rollo in her mouth and it failed… it was like 2 inches away and I missed it!!!
○ READ THE WHOLE BOM - took me 3 and a half months to finish and it was so worth it!! Never had to read that fast in my entire life but I made it on time before the new year
○ Got a cool cat sticker from my companion and I made it part of our car
○I Met a Ukrainian family that speaks Spanish and they came to church!!!
○ Gabriella is on date for a BAPTISM on February 18 !!!

Spiritual thought:
Never thought I would ever say that but every time I do it, I'm always surprised by how much Spanish I know. It really helps me to communicate with the Spanish community and my companions. Not gonna lie IT'S HARD sometimes and kind of frustrating but I always get through it somehow. Which is by God and the gift of tongues! Learning a new language is the same as trying to know how to follow or recognize the Spirit. I've been studying this a lot because I have hard times when I don't understand or know what to say to people. I've learned that all of us missionaries share the same language, Which is the word of God. Knowing that, we can all speak to people in a different language and still bring that spirit with us and they can feel what we were trying to say. I have been putting more effort into the language and trying to really use words in lessons or phrases I could say and it really has been helpful even if I didn't get to say all that I studied. It takes time and patience…LOTS OF IT. But I learned that the language of spirit comes to him who seems with ALL HIS HEART to know God then the proficiency in this language allows one to touch a human heart. That is the true meaning of the gift of tongues and interpretación of tongues. The Holy Ghost is the one who can help me through this Challenge of mine according to my faith in my God.

Moroni 10:32
Yea, come unto Christ, and be perfected in him, and deny yourselves of all ungodliness; and if ye shall deny yourselves of all ungodliness, and love God with all your might, mind and strength, then is his grace sufficient for you, that by his grace ye may be perfect in Christ; and if by the grace of God, ye are perfect in Christ, ye can in nowise deny the power of God.

■"This tortilla looks retarded"- Me
■"Were you even listening? The nacho recipe was obviously on the electrical box" - Hermana Secrist
■"The dog was too excited to see Hermana Loosli"- Me, "put that thing away"- Hermana Secrist to the dog in the lesson
■*after giving her a poop sticker* "it's bc I'm brown isn't it"- Hermana Loosli
■"It's New Year's in New York! They're all making out right now! We can't do that"- Hermana Loosli "I meannnnnnn"- Me
■(After putting something in the toaster)- "it smells like it's burning in here"- Hermana Secrist
"Yeah I put my buttheads in the toaster"- Me
■Hermana Loosli with all her poker winnings- "playing it safe playing it safe" (she looked like Gollum)
■"Dígame o tackle-o"- Me
■"I don't know if my lymph nodes are swelling or if I'm just getting fat" - Hermana Loosli

New Spanish Words I learned
◇retarded- retrasado
◇racist- racista
◇ dang it - Ijole
◇preocupación- concern


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