December 6, 2022



Hermana Loosli


Background Info:
Christian and Cesar - From Perú but we have been teaching them for a couple of months and Christian is close to picking a date for baptism!!
Pablo- Cousin of Christian and Cesar that is from Perú. He lived in Mexico before and was taught by missionaries and has been taught everything from them.

Hola de nuevo soy yo

Yesterday I went on a team exchange with one of the STLs for the day, Hermana Vorkink. I had to lead out my area which was kind of stressful because I still don't know as much Spanish as my regular companion but it was good enough to get my point across. We were able to have a lesson with Christian and Caesar who are brothers and they brought their cousin Pablo! We also invited Vilma, who is a member, to help with her testimony and things would be better if we needed help with Spanish. In the lesson, we talked about restoration. We shared Ephesians 4:5 explaining how there can only be one true church and that's Christ's church and how we have the proper authority on this earth from God. It tied into baptism and how we get baptized by the proper authority. Then went over the gospel of Jesus Christ. They all understood it better, Caesar asked how do we receive the Holy Ghost ? We shared our testimonies of how we hear it or use it. I then asked them what they thought was important in their life and Pablo started to cry and shared his testimony of the Savior and the change he has had. I shared 2 Nephi 31:13 with Pablo which led to baptism, I then figured it was the perfect time to ask Pablo to be baptized and he said YES !!! He did not pick a set date so I encouraged all of them to pray for a baptism date that would be best for them. Mind you I was speaking SPANISH the WHOLE TIME!!!! I was so HAPPY I asked him the baptism question, it was my first time doing it all in Spanish!!! Before we left I took some pictures with all of them. Me and Hermana Vorkink Celebrated because we felt the Spirit so much in that room and our Spanish was decent enough to touch their hearts!!! It was a MIRACLE!!!!

Let's see something interesting this week:
Got to Drive for the First time in 4 months !! Almost hit a car but I'm still alive!
Alfredo gave us these huge burritos after a lesson
Polygamy in St George? Went over to a member's house and asked if there was a Polygamist church in St. George …. Idk (honestly I don't know)
Made a healthy happy meal with bell Peppers!! Super delicious
Helped a random guy move and apparently, he traveled all over the world scuba diving and was in the Navy. He told us he's been to Hawaii, Japan, the Philippines, Washington, and California
Dropped my phone and cracked the corners screen
Can't believe I'm missing the WORLD CUP!!! People keep telling me about it and I'm so jealous
Ate my first pozole at a member's house! It was vegan but it was still amazing
Got to sew for the first time at a Christmas activity
Got to take pictures of Christmas lights and held baby Jesús
Meet so many different people from everywhere. Ukraine, Afganistán, México, Argentina, Perú, and Roman.
Rained most of this week and got to wear pants under my dresses lol..

Spiritual thought: FAST SUNDAY MIRACLES
They come to church regularly and they brought their cousin Pablo from Peru to church and said that he wanted to have a lesson with us because he was taught by missionaries before and wanted to talk about baptism !!! That was a MIRACLE but it doesn't stop there….
We had met with one of Christian and Caesar's Aunts and had stopped by to get to know her and then 2 ladies and a daughter came rushing out of the house and said to come with them. It was not the lady we were looking for but they were relatives. My comp and I just went along with it but were wondering why they were in such a rush. They said that there are 9 people living in that apartment when there were only supposed to be 3. They all just came from Perú and said they needed to hear something from God and asked us to share something right there, right now! They haven't been able to hear or read about God or Jesus in a long time. So we went to the church which was right near where they lived and gave a lesson with them at the church! We talked about the true meaning of Christmas which is Jesús Christ. We read from a book called First Christmas and translated it into Spanish for the little girl they had. We told them about the Book of Mormon and its Bible stories. We then talked about Jesus Christ and his light. ALMA 38:9 was the scripture we read and then told them to read Alma 7. They felt the spirit so strong and started to cry because they felt the love of god. We invited them to come to the Christmas dinner and to church. We gave them their own 2 copies of the book of Mormon. They were very thankful and said things were tough at home and that they didn't have jobs at the moment and food was hard to get so we got them some chicken and chocolate that a member gave to us. They were so grateful for the lesson and food that they just started to cry more, they gave us hugs, and said we were angels from God. They also said that all 9 family members would come to church next week!!! SUCH A HUGE MIRACLE!!!
But it doesn't stop there ……
We got to visit an inactive member and they were having a birthday party and invited us in for food !!! Perfect timing to end our fast we got to eat tacos, chips, and salsa!! We talked to Jessica the wife and talked about her job. She's a hairstylist and said she would be able to cut our hair!!! We also got to know all of them better and found their needs!!! They were such a blessing and another MIRACLE that happened to us. They also let us take more food home so it was a dub!!

Helaman 3: 35
"Nevertheless they did fast and pray oft, and did wax stronger and stronger in their humility, and firmer and firmer in the faith of Christ, unto the filling their souls with joy and consolation, yea, even to the purifying and the sanctification of their hearts, which sanctification cometh because of their yielding their hearts unto God."

"I made a Healthy happy meal" - tried to be fancy
"You speak sexy" - Alfredo said to me
" People will feel bad if we knock on doors in the pouring rain!"
"Man, Peru is élite!"
" I'm a Muslim batman !"
" AHHH forgive me" - me slamming on the brakes even though I was fine
" Remember when we got hit on by that crazy dude…. Oh yeah the one drug"
" Your confidence is amazing" - The best compliment I have ever received
" I feel famous"


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