November 24, 2022



Hermana Loosli


Hola de nuevo soy yo

Today was super fun! I got to go practice singing with the sisters in the morning. We're performing Oh come ye faithful for the zone conference tomorrow. Me and my companion wanted to spice it up with background clapping or lights but I guess it was too much… lol. Then we went to play volleyball in the gym. The Lomat family set up the volleyball nets and served us food at the church. Their family is the best and super good at volleyball and it just was even better when they had reggae music playing. Me and my companion kept kicking the volleyball which was not how we were supposed to but hey went over the net so .. I guess we're just too good. We played so much that me and my companion's arms were all red and swollen but it was worth it. It made me so happy to be serving a mission out here and having a great time!!!

Let's see something interesting this week:
Went to do baptisms for the dead with my ward
Had a huge thanksgiving dinner party and served the members food
We had a thanksgiving party right after church because we had leftovers. At this point I'm starting to regret eating tons of food that keeps being given to me ahah
Me and Hermana Loosli found a wishbone in the turkey !!! I won!!! I was so happy because that was the only time I ever won!!!
I started a puzzle that me and my companion are obsessed with finishing !!..... Thank you Ralynne !!
Made some dessert - peanut butter cookies and brownies !!!
Got tons of OREOs to last me a lifetime… maybe a couple of months
Some member gave us fancy chocolates from a place called See's (super good if it didn't have nuts in it
We killed T- Wee, the driver tracker in our car and we tried to baptize the car today on the highway and we were so close … got to 96 mph
My companion is starting a Go Fund Me to get me a bigger suggestion box because I don't take people's suggestions lol. I'm starting one for her to have new friends.
We got our house dedicated and got a new lock on the door so I don't have to stack suitcases on the door!
I finally tried bell peppers and I love them !!!
Been going to bed so late at night because I learn more about my companion's life which is so interesting and leads to laughs.
Apparently, my peanut allergy is getting worse … I can't even touch peanut butter without getting hives from it.

Spiritual thought:
I LOVE THE TEMPLE!!! I would go every day if I could. I feel so at peace whenever I go there. We got to go and do baptisms for the dead with our ward. We got to bring our new convert to come and baptize and confirm his family members. He was so excited to do baptisms for his family. Even though he had to redo some of them he just felt the spirit there! Me and my companion got to take names from our members to be baptized and confirmed for them and it just felt amazing! I was supposed to do 1 for a member but the temple worker asked if I wanted to do 5 more and I said yes! It honestly made me so excited to do more baptisms because when you really think about it…. you're helping people live with god and his kingdom just by doing their baptisms that they didn't get to do on this earth. Just thinking about that concept makes me really appreciate God's work and how important it is to visit the temple as often as we can to not only remember our covenants but to help the dead live with God again. It truly fills my soul with joy and I realize how great God is.

Alma 34
Helman 5 :12
Alma 30

"You're my homie from another….Tony….??" - Me to my comp because I couldn't rhyme anything with homie
"Your life is like a Taylor Swift song (me) ….yeah because I move swiftly and Loosli..(my companion"
"Sometimes I like going to the ER because I feel cared about"
"One day we have to go to a club together … the good kind lol" - My companion
"Is my finger supposed to be swelling?" - me touching peanut butter


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