November 15, 2022



Hermana Atkinson


Hola de nuevo soy yo

Today was AMAZING!!! We got to go to the temple to do endowments with all the sisters in our zone!! I just have to say that the temple made my day so much brighter and fuller!! I felt the Spirit so much in the celestial room and just thanked God for letting me be on this journey and seeing myself change into a better daughter of God. At first, I thought maybe this is all in my head but the couple missionaries (Sister and Elder McKee) felt prompted to talk to me and it just made me feel so loved and realize how God is aware of me and sent them to talk to me and confirm the spirit that I had been feeling was real. At that point, I just started crying even more than I had been earlier. I'm so blessed to be surrounded by people who love me and love God. Even Hermana Carver came over to hug me and feel better. It was just amazing to be in the presence of God's work!!!

Also sorry for the short emails but I'm so busy as always. Let's see something interesting this week:
Received a Messi soccer shirt from Alfredo for my Birthday and some egg tarts!! Literally got my size right and remembered I loved soccer!
Slept in a bathtub last night because I have a major phobia of someone kidnapping me and I heard noises during the night. Wrote my comp a note that I was sleeping in the bathtub for the night because it was the only room that had a lock on it. Kinda left my comp to die but that's her bad because I tried to wake her up and she was dead asleep.
Got invited to Sizzlers by a member to eat and got a ton of food.
Got my comp ADDICTED to doing her nails…. No, literally she's doing her nails right now and it's been going on nonstop. She asks me if she can use my nail set every day.
We actually have to pay for our laundry…. It sucks but that's California life for ya
Played frisbee with some sisters and Hermana Carver… I really sucked at that game and I also got my fingers bruised.
Ate moldy bread … I was eating a sandwich and wasn't paying attention to the 2-month-old bread…. found out it won't kill me though so that's good! Also ate Apple that's red inside… pretty good
Did exchanges with other sisters … found out one of them sleep talks and talks about teaches lessons with imaginary members
Went on an English-speaking fast and food fast Sunday. My head and stomach were about to explode. Did that for about 24 hours.
I saw a prostitute on the street.
Got bit by a cat and my finger swelled up so I think I'm kinda allergic to them.
Meet another guy that came from prison and apparently he's a cook and wants to know more about Jesus
My Spanish is improving a ton and I can talk more every day.

Spiritual thought:
While on exchanges with the STL's we saw so many miracles! We visited a lot of people and knocked on like 50 doors that day. During the night we got lost and it was really cold outside and we just walked for 45 minutes trying to find people in this apartment complex. Mind you I was in a dress and my feet were freezing because I thought it wasn't gonna be that cold. At that point, I wanted to go back to the car and call it a day but we still persisted to visit one last person. We met this guy named Henry and we asked how he was and how Ashley was, who apparently was his wife and he said that it's complicated … I'm guessing they got divorced. But we shared a scripture that's dear to me to him (Mosiah 24:14) I shared my testimony of how that scripture helped me in my life and we then said a prayer and after he just started crying a little. We said that our being there for him that day was no coincidence and that God was aware of him. Anyways what I got from that experience is that even when things get hard on your mission and you want to turn back, just know that there will always be one soul for you to bring back to God, and only you are able to do that. You will be rewarded with so many blessings and a feeling of so much joy in the lord's work!

ALMA 26!!!
ALMA 34!!!
Watch the real-life videos that the church puts out !!!

"Pezena is pool in Spanish… like he Pees in a pool" - Hermana Ashton helping remember Spanish words in the dumbest way
"It's a guilty pleasure" - My comp doing her nails
"Maybe I'll use a pen to stab the people who try to attack us." - Me because I forgot my Pepper spray.
" Whenever I eat I don't think about anything else, I focus on finishing what I started" - Me
"Yeah I'm not legal" - Most of the Mexicans we meet
"My God doesn't like liars" - Crazy white lady … all we said was if she needed help with anything just let us know… this is why I love Mexicans
" My name is Ferrell but my friends call me “For Real” because he always has something to say" - Timothy
" I've seen 2 prostitutes and saw a dead person at a crime scene" - My comp
"Cállate.. shh" - My companion talking to dogs
"I made a bed in the bathroom !!!" - ME


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