November 1, 2022



Hermana Atkinson


Hola de nuevo soy yo

Transfers are crazy !!! I'm still going to be in Del Norte training, still speaking Spanish. I'm still not driving but… The area is being split up though because we are going to have Spanish Elders actually come and help us with the area. Which is such a relief to be honest because I don't know how I would survive taking care of the whole area with my new companion….. oh yeah forgot to mention I'm getting a new companion who is….drum roll please… ..Hermana Loosli. I'm so excited but really scared to have this new change but the lord knows what he is doing! I was in so much relief when I assumed I was staying at my apartment and didn't have to move….. then literally karma came to bite me in the butt... because now apparently I have to move into a new apartment! I got so settled here that now I have to pack all day to move to a new place. So If this email is short I'm sorry … probably better because I need to learn not to type too much.

Let's see something interesting this week:
-I saw a shooting star !!!
- I ran 28 minutes straight …my legs are immaculate
- I'm now the main conductor for the music at our church and I have no clue what I'm that's great…
- Went 10 hours without any food .. starved and I wasn't even fasting!!!!
- Learned that Mexicans really HATE Halloween and I mean it when I say they hate Halloween, which makes sense when they say it's about bringing evil spirits around
- GOT LASAGNA from a member (I love lasagna)
- Got new ZONE T-Shirts which were actually sick. It has all of our names on it!
- Saw my comp smash her finger with a can (I'll try to show a video of it)
- Member's gave us Caesars pizza and orange crush soda on a Sunday… which is bad but also I'm not gonna say anything…. I ate that pizza when I got home real fast
- Took cool pictures of car stickers that I find hilarious
- Had a Zone goal meeting and had gluten-free cookies because I hate peanut butter ones. They were actually pretty dang good. They made me bare my testimony in my broken Spanish…
- Finally got done with safeguards and edify… Now I have to do it all over again… great …

Spiritual thought:
There is so much good that can come from working diligently! My companion wanted me to lead a day all by myself and follow the spirit of where to go for today. Me being me was stressed beyond belief and was not ready nor wanted to at all. But she said she believed in me so I went and planned our day on who to talk to. Most of the contacts I had put in where people were not very interested, let's just say. At the end of the day, I was tired but I decided to try one last person. We went to their house and saw that the guy we were looking for was in the backyard. Apparently, we got to know him more and he had just gotten out of jail and wanted to turn his life around towards Jesus. He said he's been feeling guilty for what he did in the past. I then invited him to have a lesson about the plan of salvation and he agreed and was very interested to learn more about it. What's even crazier is that we caught him at the right moment. This week was his last week to move into his new house so we got his new address to start having lessons with him! What a miracle yet crazy non-coincidence that we happened to talk to him that night! Miracles are out there.

Scriptures/ Inspirational videos to watch:
"Your great adventure: Overcoming life's Obstacles"
"Running Towards the Light"
"Better Off on my Own" - actually really hate this one and it made me mad so don't watch it.
"Joseph Smith Restoration" - movie
Alma 7
Alma 5

" I Finally had a good DREAM!!" - I apparently been having really bad nightmares and I remember them very vividly
" Was he just flirting with us?" Me being clueless that I don't know Spanish and can't tell if they want the BOM or our numbers …
" I'm going to be a Hot Dog for Halloween!" A little boy telling us out of nowhere what he's going to be for Halloween ahah
"Why… why…. doesn't anybody love me" - fantastic quote from Sid the sloth
"What HECK are you DOING?!! " me when I saw my comp smash her finger with a can
" Your a Bad A##" - some random guy said to me while I was running -( kept me going tbh ahah )
"Lock your heart Hermana"
" Why does everything have NUTs in them" - every time I get food
" Your balance is $4.37 … I have enough to get a 4 for 4!"- me using my money wisely
Title: "It Bends The Can"


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