October 18, 2022



Hermana Atkinson


Hola de nuevo soy yo

Today was p-day and I got to be with my district and play soccer and handball at a park! We got to actually play on a futsal court which was amazing. Made me so happy and reminded me of when my coach would yell at me at practice …. Good times….jk he was actually pretty nice. Then we played 1 truth and a lie and I got to know a lot about everyone. We also got to play pickleball/ tennis. I went to a zone conference for 4 and half hours!!! It was pretty long but it was worth it because we got donuts and Apple Juice. I also got to see my old companion. It was nice to see everyone again and to learn more about missionary life.

I LOVE EXCHANGES!!! Especially the overnight ones. I got to be companions with Hermana Vorkink for a day. We cleaned the church and basically erased all the whiteboards. Afterward, we made bracelets with my bracelet kit while listening to the new 2023 music in the gospel library…definitely recommend listening to "He'll be there". Later we went to Amahia's birthday party!!! She was turning 1 and had a Halloween birthday party. They had this huge birthday party in the backyard and it had an inflatable bounce house, a tree house, a hammock area, a tightrope, tons of tables outside, and a cook area/space for food. Mexican people go all out for a 1 years olds birthday!!! People were all dressed in their Halloween costumes, my favorite was this one couple dressed as Shrek, Fionna, and a donkey!! They had good food there too, a bunch of carne asada and so many boxes of pizza and so many drinks and desserts!! It was so cute how they set up the treat area and had cake pops, rice crispy treats, caramel apples, smores, and cotton candy… I ate all of it. Then we went to Marías after to share a scripture and she gave us even more candy (a whole bag) and soda!! She was the sweetest ever.
Then we walked out of the apartment and saw a guy pushing his car because it broke down. We asked if he needed any help and he said he got it. Then we started talking to him about sharing a message with him. Granted he was smoking weed and was really high. He then said oh you're one of those Mormon people then said and I quote "Do you pretty ladies want to be my wife"' … yeah we declined …. But he proceeded to call us beautiful Christian girls Ahah. Then we left because he was weird and we basically walked back to our car and sat down to make a miracle video… Then the guy comes back !!! He proceeds to come up to my window and asks us to give him a ride to go see his girlfriend because her car needed a jump start. We honestly couldn't because of mission rules ..thank goodness…Then he told us to call people to help him, so we called our Bishop to see if he could go where his girlfriend was and yeah… Don't really know what happened after that but we hurried and drove off after we got that sorted.
Anyways after that we were driving on the way to go to another member's place and parked in the apartment complex then all of a sudden Hermana Vorkink started bleeding from her arm and it wasn't stopping at all so I used my brain and helped her with what I learned in athletic training … I tied two napkins and used it as her bandage and it actually worked!!! Apparently, I'm good for emergency cases like this, and if anyone else needs my expertise call me up! Anyways after that, we went into a members' house and got to share a video with them, then after that they gave us even more food!!! A whole bag of nuts and candy, then water and soda!! It never ends I swear.
Afterwards we basically drove back on the highway with the windows rolled down listening to the new songs we found earlier that day… yeah that all happened in just one day and it's safe to say I'm going to go into a food coma.

I've come to the realization that whenever I try to eat healthily or not eat as much, people just keep giving me food. SO MUCH FOOD it's literally insane. It first started when Alfredo would give us food every time we would see him and he gave us a whole bag of chocolate almonds and ICE drinks. My companion took me out to Panera (I really love it there), and the birthday party we went to had tons of food!! Members give us drinks, candy, and food. Anything that may be out on the table they give us. The bishop counselors gave us these big cases of desserts and fruit on Sunday. Then we went to another member's house one night and they fed us fried chicken and had a whole fruit/cracker table. You best believe I ate everything they gave us …except the nuts because I think I'm allergic but other than that … I'm very thankful but I also need to watch what I eat now. You might think... Why don't you give it away? I TRIED nobody will take my generosity at all!!

Spiritual thought:
Many miracles can happen when you put your faith and trust in the Lord. Sometimes we don't really see them because they may be small. I've learned to celebrate those little miracles we have each day we go out and help a person feel a little bit better or know more than before we go and visit them. One experience I had was when we met a new guy named Christian who was a referral from one of our members. He had wanted to meet with the missionaries to know more about our church which was a miracle itself how they found him. There was more to come when we sat down to talk about the restoration in Spanish (which I totally got down!) You could feel the spirit in the room and he wanted to know more. He comes to church consistently and even missed work to come!!! You can tell he is wanting to change. Then we taught him the plan of salvation and asked him to pray about baptism so hopefully that all goes well! Definitely, a miracle that he walked into our lives to know about christ! It's all the lord's work and we are only his servants to help him accomplish his work!

Mosiah 3: 19
Mosiah 4: 30

"God just wants me to be fat"- I just keep getting a bunch of junk food
"I had a dream about a serial killer"- Hermana Vorkink when she woke up
"You have to come with me so I don't look too desperate" - me going to the dessert table and trying to have my companion with me.
"WE WO"- We enter, We out ( a saying to just be in and out of members' houses if they talk for too long and we have to be somewhere
"Your athletic training powers kicked in '' - my companion as she was impressed with my napkin bandages.
"What's a wife beater?" - Me trying to explain to my companion that a white tank top is called that because… you know


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