October 4, 2022



Hermana Emma Carver


Hola de nuevo soy yo

Last Tuesday I had my p day at the church with the whole zone and did fun little relay games there. I got to play chair soccer which is definitely my favorite game to play now. We also did trivia and a scavenger hunt for an egg. Then we played basketball … I didn't do to good because of my height…. This tuesdays p-day I got to play pickleball with the other sisters!!!! I recommend listening to "Prophetic pump up jam" while playing. The sisters were pretty good but I do wish I could play with someone else.

I found out a lot about my companion. She really loves big buff guys with low voices. I also found out that she is being hit on by a Latino guy! I found out that all my companions have been hit on by Latinos. They either get love messages or gifts from them and I've come to the conclusion of the main reason why….they just love their white woman …. Ahaha…, and love them even more if they can speak Spanish so…. I guess it's safe to say that I will never get hit on by a Latino ever in my life! My companion also made me an anklet! It's so cute! I also have been meeting people from different countries, just to name a few…. Venezuela, Guatemala, Spain, Mexican, El Salvador..etc

I had so many zone meetings to go to. We've been having meetings about how we can strengthen each other and our zone goals to get as many people taught or baptized. We then met at our president's house to have a slide show about our goals. Then we had strawberry ice cream and snickerdoodle cookies! Everyone is super nice and I got to know them more. The elders in our district wanted to give us a gift. They asked what drink we liked and we said Gatorade thinking they would give us one bottle each but No! They gave us 2 whole packs of Gatorade… that's 16 regular-sized bottles!!! So I did what any human being would do and started putting them to good use and made Gatorade slushies !!!!! I got it down to a tea of the perfect consistency. Now, whenever I go door to door on a hot day I can have my Gatorade slushy to be my saving grace!

I also went to this lady's house but her little girl answered the door, she showed us she had 8 CATS!!! 3 were old and the others were baby kittens!! I got to hold one and they were so adorable. Apparently, one of them got stepped on but the cat is fine now ahah. I'm definitely still a dog person though because they're the best but it was super cool to hold a baby cat. I met other little kids that would speak Spanish better than me but I could understand them better than the adults. They are so precious and they kept giving me their toys to play with and I drew little stick figures with them. I also got invited to a one-year-old's birthday party so that's fun!!

Gifts Galore!!! I got 3 pairs of shoes from a member's house for free!!! I especially wear these purple fluffy slippers which are so comfortable!!! Also, people just keep giving me food !!! At this point, I think they're trying to get me fat so I can't visit them anymore. The food is going to be the death of me ahah. They've given me Pepsi, water, tons of food, pizza, and snacks…Alfredo gave me a whole bag of these little hamburgers and hot dog gummies and he stuffed all of it into my bag! Ah Alfredo… I love this guy so much…he's a recent convert and he is the best human being ever, he wears this sick bucket hat all the time and makes me laugh so much and he calls me CINNAMON SKIN. In Spanish, it's called Canela so now my name for him is Canelita. Then he proceeds to show me a black and white video of a Spanish couple singing about cinnamon skin.

Spiritual thought:
Every talk given was amazing and my fingers hurt too much to type about the whole thing but the big idea I got from it is to stay on the covenant path and basically endure to the end. I didn't realize how important it is to keep striving to do what Christ wants us to do. I realized the life I was living before was okay but I didn't feel much purpose or joy in life. Then when I came here on my mission I started to feel so much joy. Maybe it was the people I met along the way but I think the main reason why I'm happier is because I've been trying to put Christ first in my life and center everything around him. I can testify that when you start living a Christ centered life you'll find more joy and peace in your life and find your purpose for why you are here! It's all part of God's plan and I hope that each one of your hearts will be touched by the spirit.

Me and my companion gave a temple tour for Alfredo! I've never been to or done a temple tour before so I tried to prepare what to say in Spanish. I had a prompting to just go walk around the Sacramento temple because I felt a little stressed about the whole temple tour. As I walked around the building I waved to this middle-aged couple that were sitting on a bench. Later on, they came up to us and the guy asked if we were the missionaries and we said yeah! He said he was born into the church but fell away and he's trying to get back into the church with his girlfriend. They said they were seeing other missionaries before but they wanted to hear from the girl missionaries so we got to have a nice talk! They were really touched by what the prophets said in general conference and apparently they have 4 children each so 8 kids altogether!! Anyways after that, we could tell that the spirit touched them. It was a blessing I was able to actually act on God's prompting to me to walk around and really make a difference in someone's life!

1 Nephi 20:18
2 Nephi 1:15
2 Nephi 9:45
2 Nephi 9:42

"Your going to make me die if you keep giving me food" - had potluck during general conference
"NO TAKE IT" - I literally can't say no to Latinas or they will get mad at me
"Your like Violet from Incredibles" - what my companion thought of me as a superhero
"You're not white but you're not black your cinnamon skin!"- alfredo calls me cinnamon skin now ahah
"Pronounce your r's with a d and your words are going to sound like your not french" - apparently I sound French when I try to speak Spanish haha
"Hi, guys…. I mean yall … dang it"- Can't stop saying, guys!!!
"I'm going to be a great mom" - Me getting hype because I'm actually cooking food instead of microwaving it


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