September 27, 2022



Hermana Emma Carver

I'll shed blood, sweat, and tears for Jesus Christ….. LITERALLY

Hola de nuevo soy yo!

Before I get into the crazy stories that I've had I want to mention that if you want to send me a package or letter please send it to: 8267 Deseret Avenue Fair Oaks California, 95628. I am now living in Carmichael, California which is near Sacramento and my P-days are on Tuesdays so I promise I'll try to respond to all of your emails you send me! A lot has happened these past couple weeks so sorry but not sorry if my letter is going to be long aha. I have so many pictures to share so there is going to be an overload of that also. Mission life is the best life!

Sept 16: Celebrated Mexico Independence Day with everyone in the gym and basically screamed “Viva” a thousand times. Since we were celebrating Mexican independence I thought it would be a nice idea to put my pinata that my parents gave me to good use and put some Mexican candy in it…. (Thank you mom and dad). We hung the pinata up between some doors with a jump rope and grabbed a window blind pole as our stick to hit the pinata. We also played music from mexican radio stations from one of the hermanas mp3 players and got blindfolds….lets just say…. we had a party in our apartment. We may or may not have put a dent in the wall because of it … Then we decided to take the party outside and hit the pinata off the building that was 3 stories high and played pinata golf hahaha..RIP Carlos…

September 17,18,19:
I found out I got a 3.1 on my spanish out of 10 sooo that's great … At least I didn't get a 0. The other days that were spent in Mexico were spent with my district. We played a bunch of volleyball together and other games. Elder Jakeman got hit in the head by the volleyball and everyone that was playing dropped to the floor laughing so hard. It hurt to laugh because it was that funny but he was totally fine by the way.
Anyways I got attacked by a spider during sacrament and it landed on my face so that was great…. I was panicking the whole time until I heard one of the Elders saying that he's a cow and that he's utterly excited to be there ahaha .. I got to talk and have the best time with my district and got to say my goodbyes to the elders because they left a day before I left so it was really sad to see some of them go and it was weird without them. I never knew how much I missed them until they were gone and there were no more laughs or Jokes to listen to. I may have shed a tear with missing most of them. I definitely am so happy that I got to be in the best district ever! I'll never forget 7C. I don't think I'll look at jello or fruit loops the same again… I will always leave a part of my heart at the CCM.
I got to say my goodbyes to the amazing latino group and they were super nice and I got cool pictures with them. I also said my goodbyes to my amazing teachers and even though they may have gotten annoyed sometimes with my district they obviously loved us and we were their best district they have ever had. I also forgot to mention that i got to be in a few earthquakes there which was pretty cool but i didn't really even feel anything honestly.

Sept 20: The night I left for California I stayed up all night long till 3:30 am packing and getting ready. Me and my companion took a small bus, it was super cramped once we got to the airport It was a long journey to California. We flew to Los Angeles then from Los Angeles to Sacramento. I met a lot of people in the airport from them recognizing our names tags which was a cool experience to talk to them about what we do. There was one family that I remember they were happy to see us and said their son was in Mexico for the mtc too. Later during the security check the mom of the family had her DAD'S ASHES in her suitcase !!! Idk who's ashes but I'm guessing that but anyways the security went through her bag and I didn't see how that went but that must've been fun to discuss ahaha. Anyways it was nice to actually eat some american food in the airport and I took a very long nap on the airplane. Once we got to Sacramento we met other missionaries and met with our mission president and his wife and we got to eat Hawaiian haystacks at their house and candy. After that we got to sleep in one of the members' houses for the night.

Sept: 21-27:
I woke up and went on a run with some sisters, we got to see a bunch of squirrels, donkeys, houses, ducks, spiders (black widows..), and tons of birds. We basically got spoiled with a good breakfast and went to the church to see who our companions were. I got my new companion! Her name is Hermana Atkinson and we don't really have a lot in common except for our love in Christ but she is super good at Spanish and I'm definitely learning a lot from her. We get to have cars that are super nice because the car can drive itself!! Even though she carries the lessons we teach, I try to say my testimony at the end and I feel like I'm getting better and learning new words. We apparently teach an English class at the church every Thursday which is cool. She even brought me to CHICK FIL A!!! I’ve never been so happy to eat there.

I realized that California has tons of pretty trees and it's really hot here. A lot like St.George but just with a ton of trees and animals. It has crazy busy traffic, not as bad as it was in mexico. I have a really nice normal apartment and it even has an air fryer!!! It's a gated community like most places here because I guess people tend to break into everything here. There are alot of homeless people here so me and my companion have a bag of food that we bring with us to feed them some snacks!

I met with the other sisters in our zone and they were amazing!!! We got to do a sister blitz which was basically knocking on random people's doors. Maybe I have gotten sworn at and people ran away from us which was really funny tbh ahah. There were spiders everywhere at everybody's doors !!!! After the blitz they invited me to their house and we all got together and ate quesadillas and played a game called taco, cat, goat, cheese, pizza …. Something like that ahah. Anyways while playing that game we would slap the card in the middle and that was a bad idea playing with 10 people … someone's nail basically cut the skin off of my hand and I started bleeding a lot ahahah I don't think I'll play that game anymore … But I do love all of the sisters though.

Me and my companion are over the Del Norte Spanish Ward. Which has only 25 people in the ward so it's super small and we have to combine it with the English ward for a relief society. But I got to give a testimony talk on Sunday in Spanish and that was pretty stressful. Afterwards I got this really good bread that someone made. I was able to witness a guy named Alfredo get confirmed to be a member of the church because he got baptized. He is super cool. There are also these two ladys in the ward and they are the sweetest people ever. They are from Venezuela and I don't really understand them that much but they fed us so much food and brought us to get ice cream!!!! I may have thrown up some of the food they give me because I don't want to reject the food they gave us so yeah…Anyways me and my companion are working on coming up with new ideas to bring more people to church and be more inviting to others who come to church!

Spiritual thought:
I've been meeting so many people and getting to go to their houses and talk about the gospel and teach the basic doctrine of christ. It's been the best experience I’ve gone through!!! I've started reading the Book of Mormon from the beginning and I've been learning about how to live my life and how to endure to the end. I'll tell you a story… So me and my companion had been going to peoples houses for 2 hours to contact people and nothing happened. We decided to ask God for help in prayer to find somebody to talk to. After that we knocked on one last door and we met this one latina lady who had a belief in God but was not in our church. She apparently had gone through cáncer and she had relied on God to help her through it. She had a miracle happen and she survived the cáncer which is so amazing. She has the strongest faith and she struggles now with having her husband drink alot and she said that we could meet with him and talk more about Jesús Christ and we gave her a book of mormon!! She invited us in to eat dinner and she said she would love to talk more and if that isn't a miracle I don't know what is. The spirit was there and definitely helped me with my spanish to talk to her and help her realize she is loved and to be able to see her again with her husband!!!! God and Christ are real and they bring so many miracles!!

1 Nephi 14: 7
1 Nephi 15: 24 and 11
1 Nephi 17: 45 and 51
D & C 1:23 6: 32-37

"Koala in Spanish is fanny pack"
"I hate white people" - my teacher being nice to us
"No me importa" - teacher again
"EAT PIZZA WITH KETCHUP?!" - lady we taught in my Spiritual thought and apparently it wasn't bad aha
"If you want to kick good with your left foot in soccer just go kick your dog or boyfriend" - Bishop and Alfredo giving me the best advice ever haha
"You'll fit right in.. you're just their height" - Bishop
"You're Indian right?" I apparently don't look Mexican
"You cute little dork" - Apparently I miss this person
"Bring your yellow"- Elder Burrel (our flight leader…) he didn't know what he was doing but we survived ahah
"I'm a cow …. I'm utterly excited to be here today" - Elder Ensigns opening statement for his talk in sacrament meeting. I couldn't stop laughing the whole entire time during his talk


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