September 8, 2022



Hermana Emma Carver

A Trip To The Infirmary… Don't eat the Fajitas!!!

Hola de nuevo soy yo!

Don't worry I'm fine now! Thursday Night was possibly the worst night of my life. I stayed up all night long having horrible stomach pain and couldn't stop going to the bathroom and got no sleep. I went to the infirmary in the morning and when I got there I had gone to the bathroom 30 times and apparently that wasn't normal so they kept me there all day long having me take pills and resting a lot. Apparently I wasn't the only one that was having bad stomach problems! Almost everyone here at the CCM was visiting the infirmary for stomach problems (diarrhea hehe) everyone found out it was the fajitas that we ate during lunch on thursday and something about it was just making everyone sick. Apparently I had it worse than everyone but I got better after they took care of me! Then when I got back that Friday night apparently everyone in our apartment was sick as in a cold basically so then i got sick and that lasted for a few days but I'm totally healthy now ahah.

Anyways back to my mission…it's been raining alot here in Mexico! I sometimes forget to bring my rain jacket but i still come back home somewhat dry. Besides that it has been great so far but had some little bumps in the road. I feel like I've learned a lesson everyday on how to solve some of my problems I've been having. First, how to teach the first lesson in preach my gospel in Spanish without any notes at all. I struggled so much knowing how to teach a whole lesson in Spanish! I think I gave up half way and spoke in English. After I learned that I probably need to pray for the gift of tongues and actually study some of the words I didn't know. Then I finally got the hang of teaching a whole lesson with our teacher and it went so good! I don't know what happened but the spirit just helped me throughout the whole lesson knowing what to say and do all in Spanish! Also, we don't have to wear masks here anymore at the CCM, they just lifted up the mask madate here so I'm very thankful for that!

Fun things that happened with my district was probably playing sports with our gym time. Found out I'm a goat at speed/lightning in basketball and got the elders out that were good… I don't know how but I guess I just shoot and hope it goes in ahah. Then in ping pong I beat some of the elders and my self esteem went up…thanks Benson for always not taking it easy on me aha. I got to play soccer with a volleyball and I never knew how much I missed soccer until I started kicking the ball! We also made up a game with a haky sack that was so fun. I also have been doing service activities and helped fold laundry which was fun and just all in general being with my district makes it fun.

Spiritual thought:
Got to know a lot from devotionals and took their words and applied it to my mission and it has been such a blessing and a change of mind for me.
President Uchtdorf:
Every missionary in the MTC got to hear from Uchtdorf from provo. We got to watch it live in the auditorium and wrote down the main ideas from his talk. How to become a successful missionary: Doing well is good enough, you don't have to be perfect but as long as you do it with intent it is enough. Be happy for the almosts in our mission because some days are going to be hard. Only worry about the things that you can control on your mission and you'll be happier.
Three general authorities came to the CCM:
They spoke to us yesterday about the same topic: How to be a true messenger from God. Be obedient and always teach with the spirit. You never know the lives you'll touch and influence them and their families. Teach people something that has a familiar ring to them like the premortal life. Always love people and show them what God or Christ has to offer for them to have a happier life.

"Tanquillo" - take it easy
"It's a whole plague"- when we saw everyone at the infirmary
"I think I'll be okay not eating for the rest of my life" - me not wanting to go to the bathroom anymore
"You got the runs too?" - the elders were having diarrhea too apparently



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