September 1, 2022



Hermana Emma Carver

Hola Hermana Larsen.... Are you Alive?

Hola, es mi otra vez!

I know it's been two weeks since I last said anything but I can explain. I didn't have a p day last week but this week I do!!! So my P days are on Thursday now if you want to send me an email! I'm currently living in the apartments at the CCM (MTC) in Mexico and I love it!!! I can truly say that I was meant to be here and it has been an incredible blessing!

Mexico is really different from the U.S but the MTC feels like home! It's definitely safe and fenced off from the outside so it's a really cool experience. The CCM is so beautiful and pretty with all the nature around and the food is pretty decent here also! My Spanish is getting so much better! No…. I'm not fluent yet but I can say a few phrases and keep up a conversation… if you talk slowly Ahah! I learned how to memorize things in Spanish like first vision, Moroni 10:5, and missionary purposes!

My district is so fun and even better than it was online! We have fun doing the dumbest things to help us either with our Spanish, to get to know each other, or even for our own entertainment Ahah.. we would make contracts or bets, do a water bottle flip competition, knowing everybody's worst date … and boy were there some crazy ones … I got to shave one of the elders' hair because they decided to buzz all their heads! We would even make up funny phrases in Spanish to roast each other! My companion is amazing and couldn't ask for a better one!

Spiritual thought:
I went through the Mexico temple today!! It was so big and incredible to look at !!! I loved it so much and went to do endowments, but next time I visit there I think we'll do baptisms or endowments again! It was so cool to hear the whole thing in Spanish but I also didn't understand much of what they said! Anyways ever since I've been here I have felt the Spirit take over my life and finally know my purpose! I know at times it can be hard but with the spirit you can do anything!! I realized It's not my time right now it's god's time. I also realized that me being on a mission blesses my family and others back at home which was a comforting idea to ponder on. The spirit is real and is always there for you!

Don't do this because you'll end up like me:
-Don't burn yourself on all five fingers with a curling iron
-Don't get sick because it sucks
-Don't forget a rain jacket when it rains
-Don't forget to wear sunscreen and get burnt because Mexico can actually get hot. Had to use a ice pack to cool me down

"En su Cabeza!!!!" –
Dunked on your head basically ahah
"TORTUGA" - your slow
" TOASTAR" –get roasted
" I can't think right now my brain hurts too much" — me when I try to understand Spanish.

Picture Overload!!! Enjoy :)


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