August 13, 2022



Hermana Emma Carver

Week 1 - At Home Online MTC


Hola soy yo,
(Hi, it’s me)

Welcome to my email list! You’ll be hearing a lot of crazy things, so be prepared! Don’t worry, I won’t be sending these out in Spanish so you can all understand.

August 8th was my first day of online MTC and we started our workshops with 300+ kids on a zoom call, and then I had class with my district (7C), which is the best group of people I have ever met! Apparently, we’re going to dunk on all the other districts when we play basketball at the MTC. They all know that I’m 5’1 and they were all shocked that someone could actually be that short… But there’s another kid who’s like 6'5, so we’ll see if he’s telling the truth. There are 12 of us, mostly all guys, and me and my companion are the only girls. One Elder is crazy good at Spanish, he gives the whole class lessons during our breaks to help us understand the language. Anyways,Hermana Carver is the best companion I could ever ask for!! Her name is Emma Carver, or Hermana Carver, and she plays lacrosse, does rock climbing, and likes to mountain bike! She is super funny and nice, and she is going to Sacramento, California as well! We get to sit by each other on the plane to Mexico City and have the same flight to California.
Anyway, I have 2 teachers, one in the morning (Elder Vazquez) and one in the afternoon(Hermana Silva). They are honestly THE BEST, and I have started to get to know them way more. Right now we’re trying to get them to go on a date with each other, but Hermana Silva isn’t really interested, but I think she’ll cave in. Vazquez is really fun to be around. He pulled up a Lego Star Wars happy birthday video for one of our classmates' birthdays, which I’ll link down below, and he also loves having his background on zoom be pictures from avatar. He also loves High School Musical and has all the songs downloaded on Spotify !!! Both are really great Spanish teachers and are really helpful with being patient with us.
Spiritual thought:
At first, starting all of this, I was really nervous and scared for what was to come. Once I started, I gained more knowledge than I ever thought possible. I actually understand the whole stripping warrior story now and know the difference between the laminates and the nephites now and which ones are good and bad! I also thought I would be so behind on my Spanish because I would forget what I learned. But once I started class, I knew that I could actually understand what the teachers were saying, and it honestly gave me comfort inside.
We talk a lot about the gift of tongues. I know that it comes from God to also be a gift to his children. People think it’s just the language, but it’s also a way to connect with people and feel loved by the spirit. We are told that you should have the spirit in your heart to tell you what you need to say. Because it’s not just me and my companion, but also with God. I know I need to work harder on trying to memorize words and speak to others in person, but I know that if I just have faith and put in the effort, God will help me. “I am the vine; ye are the branches. If a man remains in me and I in him he will bear much fruit; apart from me, you can do nothing.” (John 15: 5) I testify that if you keep God in your life he will bless you because without him you can do nothing. En el nombre de Jesucristo amén.

Scriptures to look into:
Mosiah 24: 12-17 - Knowing Christs Atonement
3 Nephi 1: 11-14 -God is a light in people's lives
Alma 44-57 -The stripping warriors (have faith and courage in God and he will bless you)

1. My companion and I
2. The whole class
3. Missionary tag !
Lego happy birthday song:


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