November 4, 2019


Leipzig, Germany


Sister Esplin and Sister Torgerson

I'm going to Keil!!!...Psych

Hallo meine Lieblingsleute!

At the start of the week we got to go on exchanges with the Jena sisters again, in Jena! We were able to go to their distriktrat too and see some good friends. (shoutout to Sister Milham and Sister Burns) We got to go to a Trunk or Treat that a member in the ward was putting on and the Gomez family came!! Their kids were so excited about the costumes we found for them, it made my heart happy. We also taught Schwester Karl again this week and when we were leaving she gave us a huge bucket full of soup! So don't worry mom I'm being looked out for. Ah Schwester Karl, what a woman. On Saturday we met with the Gomez family and we put them on baptismal date!!! Is that not the best thing you've ever heard?! I'm so pumped. They are awesome. Yesterday we went finding and you guessed it, I pretended I was blind. The usual. Gotta keep things interesting right?

Speaking of which, Präsident Leimer gave me quite the scare today. He called us today and said that I was going to be transferred tomorrow to Kiel because one sister was going home and her companion needed a new comp. So anywho I was super sad, BUT he called back 15 mins later and said he changed his mind. You bet I went through the 5 Steps of Grief within that small amount of time. I'm so happy I get to stay with my bestie comps in the wonderful city of Leipzig.

We have been calling Thomas Bösebeck every night to read the Book of Mormon with him and ya'll he called us first 2 times. Is that not the coolest? His desire to read and come closer to God is increasing! I know that the Book of Mormon has so much power and can help us understand the love God has for us! As we read out of it every day we will be able to feel our relationship with God strengthen and we can know of our divinity.

Have a great week, love you all<3
Sister Mooring


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