September 14, 2015


Newport Hills


Sister Sarah Baker

Chicken and Waffles

Wow it was a busy week!!

So because I didn't have much time last week, this might be a tad bit long. Sorry in advance.

Last week I had a cool experience. I was stressed out and sitting on my bed and I just prayed to Heavenly Father, "Heavenly Father all I want right now is a piece of Grandma's pound cake. Seriously. That's it." (for those of you who don't know, I'm pretty picky about cake. I like pound cake, cheese cake, angel food cake, Hiroe's upside down pineapple cupcakes, and that's about it.) So the next morning I forgot all about it. That night at dinner I just about cried because what had Sister Cox gotten for dessert? Pound cake. She told us she hadn't even planned on it, she just was walking out of the grocery store and had the thought that maybe she should go back and get it. Miracles. For real.

Tuesday was Sister Baker's birthday, and we got to hang out with Palmer for dinner!! It was awesome :) Palmer has really become one of our best friends and she has changed so much. She is finally reading the Book of Mormon by herself and praying regularly! We are so happy! Thank you so much for the prayers.

I also got a really nice surprise this week when I received lots of letters from the young women at home :) Thanks girls!

Thursday we went to a YSA's, Nadia, house and taught her about the restoration because she joined the church a year ago but never had any new member lessons. We had an incredible discussion about the great apostasy and the Priesthood and we are studying to answer some of her questions next time. She grew up catholic and just has a lot of hard questions, but she is incredibly sincere and wants to learn and promised to keep praying for answers!
We stopped by to see Ellwood, and he is just so sweet to us. We are going to have to pass him off to the elders soon, though, because he is outside our family ward's boundaries. So that's sad.

Brother Farrar, our high councilman, is a boss and takes us out to dinner whenever no one signs up, so he took us out twice this week! He just feels like another grandpa and he always takes care of the missionaries. It helps that he's like a master chef (I don't know how he aquired his cooking skills since he works as an attorney). But I think he likes being involved because he doesn't have family around because he was divorced 20 years ago and doesn't have much contact with his daughter. But guess what?? He took us to a waffle place and I got chicken and waffles!!! :D It's been so long and it was a nice taste of home.

This week was INSANELY busy because we were assigned to visit 40 less active members (20 from each of our wards) to invite them to stake conference! We were so busy last week with exchanges that we ended up doing them ALL in 3 days! That meant a lot of door knocking, a lot of sun, and a lot of sweat. But we did it! And my favorite part was that as Sister Clements (exchanges again) and I were on the last street for the day, it started RAINING!!!!!! :) It was such a miracle. Even though we then had to show up for our dinner with soaked hair, the rain made the whole day totally wonderful. We were just so happy we started singing and dancing. In the rain. :)

Also, this week we have one general authority coming to our mission and one coming to our stake conference, and it's a bit crazy for everyone. The one coming to our mission is going to be doing apartment checks and his wife is coming teaching with Sister Baker and me. So that's exciting. We'll have to clean our apartment and car like crazy. But how cool! And the one coming to our stake will be holding a meeting to meet all the investigators and new members, so we're super stoked about bringing everyone to that!

Last but not least, we are starting a program for Paul tonight (for real this time- we've had to reschedule twice now) that is going to be AWESOME! We are going to help him stop smoking this. week. And we have like eight different families ready to help him by calling him, texting him, and inviting him over for meals or uplifting activities to keep busy and keep his mind off smoking! We are all going to really be praying and pulling for him this week so please please pray!

I was reading in the Book of Mormon this week, and I found this scripture and it just really touched me. It's a good reminder that Christ never does anything in our lives that isn't for our benefit - meaning if we trust Him and try to follow Him, He will help us grow and learn from it. He LOVES us. I know my Savior lives and loves us. He is here! He is always listening and always cares about us and our lives. 2 Nephi 26:24 "He doeth not anything save it be for the benefit of the world; for he loveth the world, even that he layeth down his own life that he may draw all men unto him. Wherefore, he commandeth none that they shall not partake of his salvation."
I think that's (finally) it for this week, but I really love you all and I can't wait to tell you all about this week next time!!!!! :)
Keep up the prayers! I love you,
Sister Heather Bambas

Sister Heather BambasCalifornia Irvine Mission
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