June 25, 2015


Missionary Training Center


Sister Caidyn Phinney

First letter from the MTC

**NOTE** Heather wrote this letter on paper and sent it to us by mail and asked that I (Karen, her mom!) type it into her blog for her. I am sending it out to all family & friends that I had emails for. If you'd rather not have the emails sent out to you, please just let me know at You can always come to her blog to read letters if you'd like!

Dear Mom & Dad (and everyone else),
I love you so much! I am safe and sound here at the MTC... even after an evacuation due to bats (more about that later). I am feeling so much better as I get into the routine here. The first day was crazy overwhelming! I have already seen at least 5 people from the 53rd Ward (my student ward at BYU). Represent! I wish I had time to write more -- I don't have Preparation Day until Wednesday.

I miss you all more than you know. Everyone keeps telling me that I'll be ok if I can just make it to Sunday, but it feels like I've been here forever. Just keep me in your prayers as I keep you all in mine. I am so excited to be here, though!

I have already practiced a door approach and set an appointment with an "investigator" (my teacher) for Monday. My companion Sister Phinney is from British Colombia, Canada! We have quickly learned to be courageous here. I have to go to bed now, but I love you!

Sister Heather Bambas


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