August 11, 2015


Itzaes, Mexico


Hermana Spencer

Week 65: Letter

So this week was... definitely stressful, different, and exhausting haha. It was definitely different getting used to being with an American [companion] again and teaching with a new companion, but just to bring peace to your minds, I love Hna Spencer so much. She’s like the cutest, sweetest thing ever, haha. We have a lot of fun and she understands a lot of the same things like American jokes and references haha but we are doing just perfectly great!!! I’ll send pics of us afterwards.

So this week we had a huge increase in lesson numbers. We usually have like 40ish lessons every week but this week we got 51 lessons!!!!! I’ve never gotten that many lessons in in a week before. It was pretty legit. Plus at the beginning of the week my District Leader Elder Lopez told me that he would buy us ice cream from Dairy Queen (that’s like the nice expensive ice cream here haha) if we reached 50 lessons. So yeah, haha it’s amazing what we can do when we have motivation, hahahaha

We had an investigator come to church this week!!! He has is baptism date as the 26th of Sept. It’s his dad’s bday (and his dad passed away like 2 years ago) his name is Ruben and is pretty amazing. Next week I’ll tell you the story how we ended up meeting him. It’s pretty legit, haha. So things are going great with him and I’ll send pics of him next week

So as you guys know I went to the temple this morning. It was amazing :) Just the peace I was looking for. We did initiatories for like 2 hrs (from 5am-7) and then we entered into a session. Let me tell you it was definitely interesting and kinda funny bc the video that they showed us was DEFINITLY super old haha. I had never seen one of the older ones but I’m happy they have new ones hahahaha, but it was all still really good. I still have a hard times with saying some of the words in Spanish but I still love it bc it’s such a cool experience.

So yeah, things are going great. Just so you know I’m happy and healthy and doing just great :) and in one week, I will officially have just 3 mo. left!!!! Crazy right???!!! I’m pretty excited and sad that the same time haha. But I love you all soo much and thanks for everything you guys do and are for me!

Hermana Perryman


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