July 20, 2015


Itzaes, Mexico


Hermana Argueta

Week 62: Week 2: How To Kill a Missionary

Wow. This week was just.... wow. It was super busy with all the running around we were doing here in our area. In the beginning of the transfer, my companion, Hna Argueta and I both decided to work suupppeeeerrrr, super hard to help this area and have success here and so that her last transfer in her mission isn’t "chafa" or in English, "lame". The first week was definitely hard. We both got sick and it was just like blah and wasn’t really anything fun or good. This week we were both ready to hit the ground running and boy, did our results come out great.

For one, it was one of those weeks where we both got to the house at night just exhausted to the bone. It’s such a satisfying feeling to know that you worked so hard that your body and spirit are exhausted and literally every night we just planned, actualized the binders and the map and just went straight to bed. Yesterday we both talked about how well this week went and we both came to the conclusion that it was because we were working with the Spirit the whole time. Literally almost all of our lessons were right in tuned with teaching with the power of the Spirit. I just can’t tell you guys what an amazing feeling it is to be walking the whole time just feeling the Spirit and being guided in the words you need to say and where you should go and with who. So yeah.

EXCITING NEWS!!!!!! EL PODEROSO RAUL LOPEZ VA A SER BAUTIZADO ESTE SÁBADO!!!! For y’all who don’t know Spanish, our powerful investigator Raul Lopez is going to be baptized Saturday! We are all suuppppeeerrrr excited. Yesterday we showed up to church and when we got there Raul hadn’t showed up yet and we kinda got worried bc he’s always there early b4 we get there. We were going to send him a txt message when we realized that we had left the phone in the house and just then we both said a huge prayer that everything was okay and that he would be able to come. Just like 2 mins later he walked in ..... but IN A WHITE SHIRT, A TIE, DRESS PANTS, AND DRESS SHOES. Looking like a pure Mormon. ahh, we both just died. He sat down next to us kind of breathless and whispered that he had problems tying his tie. ahh, it was such a cool thing to see. Seriously nothing is the best thing for us to see is when the investigators or converts start to change the way they physically dress to go to church and even the members noticed and congratulated him. So yeah, pics next week of his baptism.

Today we decided to get up super early and have a little adventure and go back and visit my old area... IZAMAL!! So we got up at 4:30 and caught an early 6am bus to the city of magic. We went and visited the pyramid and took a bunch of pics. We went bc I talked a lot about it and Hna. Argeta wanted to climb a pyramid one time in her mission, haha. Then we went to the market and just looked around at all the cool things that we don’t have money to buy... haha and then we visited the Ricaldes who hold such a special place in my heart for everything they did for me during my first months there in the mission. They had made us lunch, something called Sopa de Lima. It’s just like chicken broth with lettuce, chicken, and tortilla chips. Sounds super simple, but its sooo goooood. And then we came back in the afternoon. So it’s been a pretty long day. I’m super tired, but it was definitely worth it :)

Pics coming soon! Love you all!!!!

Hermana Perryman


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