December 18, 2018

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Kathryn Lindsay

Most stressful week of my LIFE

Hey whats up everyone! We had a GREAT week. We had 2 baptismas and found some great new people to teach. Our first Baptism is a young man named Oscar. Within 3 weeks he was ready to get baptized. He shared his testimony after, and he is now getting ready to go on a mission! I feel lucky to have been able to teach him. Next Miguel... Him and his girfriend got married on Thursday and then he got baptized on Saturday! It was so nice to see them walk in to church on Sunday so happy to be with eachother and so ready to start their new life on the road to the temple. AND SO... We were going to have a third baptism but right when we were filling up the water... BOOM there is no more water in the whole church building... And she ends up not getting baptized... We were SO SO SO sad. But it's ok, this weekend we are hoping it can happen. And it must have happened for a reason! We received a super cool reference this week from Mexico City. They tell us to go to this Hotel and look for a guy name Franciso. So we are walking and we see this GIANT gas truck with this guys name on it. That's when we relize that he is the owner of the hotel and gas station. We walk in and they take us to his fancy office and we give him the Book of Mormon. It went super well! SO we are leaving to go take our bus and he says "Oh do you want my driver to take you guys?" We were like UM YES! And his driver drove us to the Ward Christmas Party. I know that the Church is true and that is why I have seen so many miracles! I love being a missionary. Merry Christmas and Feliz Navidad!
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Hermana Lindsay


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