September 18, 2018


Colima - Centenario


Hermana Flores

Once upon a time...

Once upon a time before the mission I met a girl on instagram who was going to the same mission. I don't know why but I never thought I would see her, but as time passed we got the chance to get to know eachother. 11 months later SHE IS MY NEW COMPANION: Yup super crazy right? Anyway I am still here in Colima but my new companion is named Hermana Flores. She is from Costa Rica and she speaks Spanish, English and French. I am way excited to have her as my companion and to see all the work we can to together! Also I would like to point out that ALL of my companions have been from a different country. I just think it's super cool that I have gotten to know so many people from around the world.
1. Hermana Herman... USA Colorado
2. Hermana Villodas... Peru
3. Hermana Cabrera... Guatemala
4. Hermana Paredes... Mexico
5. Hermana Torres... Ecuador
6. Hermana Flores... Costa Rica
This last week with my old companion Hna Torres was very special! We got to celebrate Mexican independence day at the church! They did some cool mexican dances and we sang a song. We had 6 investigators who went to the activity! Love you all and I hope you know you are all in my prayers. The church is true!
Hermana Lindsay


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