July 16, 2018


Estancia, Union Zone


Hermana Peredes


Hola everyone!
This week was a week FILLED with challenges, but I feel like I have learned that much more! They opened an area right next to us, but the hermanas don't have a house... So where do they live? Yup with us. BUT the problem is that the day after they moved in, one of the hermanas sprained her ankle... And long story short she has to be in the house for 15 days. So me and my companion and her companion have to take turns staying home with her ALL day... and giving her food and water because she can't leave the upstairs part of her house. SO basically now we have two areas to work and one of us always have to be in the house!
The other problem is that our ONLY investigator moved... So that was really sad. But we have not lost faith! Yesterday we found a new investigator named Oscar who listened to the missionaries before, but with his wife and son. Sadly they are no longer together, but we can see he is more open to listen to our message because he wants to change who he is.
On Sunday we had a youth visting from the U.S., but the poor kid did not speak a word of Spanish. One of the Elders asked me if I could introduce him to one of the members that speaks English. So, I was showing him around and talking and talking and his face just looked SO confused. After about five seconds, I realized I was speaking Spanish and he had no idea what I was saying, haha!
I know this work is important and that even if I don't see the results I am doing my part. I love you all and have a great week!

Hermana Lindsay

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