June 11, 2018


Estancia, Union Zone


Hermana Peredes

and then there were two...


Time seems to be going sooooo fast I can't even believe it. We are in week 5 of the change, and I feel like I have learned so much. We started out with 6 hermanas here in the zone, and then there were special changes. So that left 4 of us (and we all lived together so it was basically a party every night). Then last night our companions got special changes and left us for Tepic this morning :(. So that leaves 2 of us hermanas in the zone with ALL elders. But it's all good in the end because I know God has a plan for every missionary, and Tepic will be an awesome place for my companions!
This week we had divisions with the sister training leaders! It's safe to say it was a blast. Hermana Flores and I actually met before the mission through instagram, so it was super fun to be friends in real life haha.
The election for a new president is coming up here in Mexico, and it's kinda funny all the propaganda out in the streets. People are trying to convince me to vote for people, and I am not even Mexican haha! But it's cool that I get to be here during this exciting time. We are starting to give English classes here as a way to invite more people to the church, and we are excited to see how it goes this week. Maria is doing great and she gave the sweetest prayer when we were at her house. It's amazing to me how easy it is for people to trust us. I know it's because we have the spirit and it's just super cool to see the spirit working right in front of your eyes.
I loveeeeee being a missionary, and I can't imagine my life being any different. I love Mexico, and I love the church!

Hermana Lindsay

1. Hermana Flores and I
2. Hermano Polo (the mormon taxi driver that knows ALL the missionaries)
3.Hermana Rebecca a recent convert here in Estancia


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