May 28, 2018


Estancia, Union Zone


Hermana Peredes



I hope everyone has had a great week! My companion and I have had a great time this week getting to know our area and the members. Here I feel the most at home, and I love it. The members are helping us out a ton, and we have a list of teenagers who want to go visit people with us! The only problem is we have no one to teach... We contact people for hours every day and literally they ALL reject us. Before being a missionary, I can`t really think of a moment where I have been rejected so hard core as in the mission. And I’m not gonna lie; it hurts. It hurts because you have so much love and just want to teach them the gospel, and they won`t even accept a pass along card. But, we are seeing miracles working with the members and have recieved a few references! This week has been a struggle, but I am excited to start fresh and see what we can do here. 

Our house is super big but has a cockroach problem and literally the FUNNIEST thing happened. We were celebrating that my comp has one month in the mission, so we decided to order hamburgers. So, we were eating, and my companion was giving a report to our leader about what we did that day when I saw the biggest cockroach in my life crawling on the wall. I was watching it to make sure it wouldn't come near us, and it kept getting closer and closer until it was on our table... so, I tap my comp on the shoulder and point so we could move and in the exact moment she looks the cockroach JUMPS AND ATTACKS US! And it hit my companion in the face, and we were screaming and laughing, and it was the funniest thing. And the poor Elder on the phone just hears us screaming hahaha! It was too funny! Don`t worry I killed that sucker, and we have one less cockroach to worry about. 

Guadalajara has been passing through a weird time because the gangs are going strong. This past week they started burning buses and doing a whole bunch of crazy stuff. But, don't you guys worry, I walk every everywhere :) God protects his missionaries! 

Love you all and have a great week! 

Lots of love, Hermana Lindsay 

3 The only person who will listen to us haha
4 Look very closely...
5 My last companion Hermana Cabrera and I 


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