April 23, 2018




Hermana Cabrera

Its getting hot...

Hola amigos.

Life down here in Mexico is super awesome. But also... extremly hot! What is sad is that I am getting super tan but compared to the people here, I am still ridiculously white. But, the people here are awesome and always give us water, so we are not dying too much!

Lili is doing awesome! Every time we leave a lesson with her I can't wipe the smile off my face because she is just so good. Her husband hates the church and thinks we are a cult, so she was really afraid to tell him that she was listening to us... So, we fasted with her, and we saw so many miracles. When she came to church she started crying and telling us that she told her husband and he didn't get mad! God really is preparing the way for her. We are also teaching her brother, her grandaughter, and one of her friends and they are all progressing a ton!!!

We are working with a few inactives and things are going really well with them! It's amazing to me as missionaries how easy it is for people to trust us. Being a missionary is awesome because you get to build relationships with people based on God and the Spirit. I know God is blessing the people here!

I almost died this week lol. But don´t worry, I'm still alive and well without a scratch. My companion and I were walking on the side of a super busy street and a motercycle almost hit me! Which if you guys know me you know that it was my worst fear to get hit by a car or something and have to come home! But, we are all good; he missed me by a hair :)

This morning we went on a super sweet hike, so here are some pics from that and from the week!

Love you all,

Hermana Lindsay


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