April 2, 2018




Hermana Cabrera

How Satan gets you

What is up mis amigos! So much has happened this week, I don't even know where to start! I think I will start with the most exciting. I RECIEVED TRANSFERS! I wish you guys could have seen my face, haha. I was VERY surprised. My new companion is Hna Cabrera from Guatemala. She is very short and adorable and speaks perfect English. I have returned to Guadalajara again, and I am beyond happy to be here! My area is called Primevera, and I am super close to the temple! We actually get to go as a zone this up coming week or the following. So its safe to say I am BEYOND excited.

This past week I worked my butt off in La Loma, and we are actually starting to see results! We finally had one of our investigaters attend church, and it was awesome to see their reaction to the conference. General Conference was amazing, and I feel like I have learned so much. My tesimony that we have a living prophet has grown by ten fold. I was able to watch it in English (thank goodness, not that I can't understand Spanish, but because my brain could take a chill pill for a little). I think my favorite talk was by President Nelson about revelation. It is the center of what we teach as missionaries. That every person can recieve their own answers from God.

I attended my first open casket funeral this week, and I have to say it was an eye opening experience. The husband of the Relief Society President died, and I have never seen someone handle a death so well. The week before we felt prompted to visit her, and we shared a small scripture about the plan of Salvation. The following week her husband passed away. When we were talking with her she said that she will never forget the scripture we shared with her because it brings her so much peace through all the sadness. She said "We have so many reasons to be sad, but I choose so be happy because God has promised me that I will be with him again." Beautiful right? I will miss Tepic, and my old companion, but I choose to be happy where I am.

Funny story of the week. My companion and I were walking by this really giant school, and I said to my companion "Isn´t it weird how there are so many schools right close together?" She turns to me and says "Hermana thats a prison!" We started busting up! For 6 weeks I had walked by this prison thinking it was a school, hahahaha! But, we decided to make it spiritual and compare it to how Satan gets you. He shows you things that may seem good, nice or fun. But, in the end its is all a disguise to trap you (aka like a prison). God wants us all to be free, and for this he gives us commandments of how we should live our life.

Anyway! I hope you all have a great week, and that you all remember to read The Book of Mormon every day.

Love you!
Hermana Lindsay

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