March 12, 2018


La Loma, Tepic


Hermana Villodas

This week was weird to say the least

You know your week was rough when the only person who remembers that they have an appointment with you is the drunk guy on the corner. This week was just plain weird. I have no other words to describe it.

We had a lot of appointments but almost every one fell through (except of course with the drunk guy). But to be honest this guy has a lot of potential, and I feel really sad for him. More than anything he wants to follow God, but he is just SO sad. And for this he just drinks and drinks. So we explained to him that he can't feel the Spirit when he is drunk, and if he can go a day without drinking we can come back and teach him. So hopefully he can find the strength!

On Friday we went to an appointment (that fell through) and we were walking and contacting and we find two of our investigators (from different homes) listening to this preacher guy on the side of the road. And they were all "Come listen to the word of God!" So my comp and I were like, uhhh ok sure, why not? So this guy is talking and my companion and I were just thinking how crazy this guy is, but we will wait it out because maybe he will let us share something after. And so, he finishes and GUESS WHAT? He invites us up to teach hahahahaha. So we get up and we start to teach the first lesson. One thing I learned from this experience is that the Spirit speaks in a still small voice. There are many people who will literally yell the bible at you. More often than not the Spirit can be felt in the quiet. My invitation this week is to find some quiet time to really listen to the Spirit. I know God will send answers!

Last story for the week. We get back from the day, and I decided to shower. So, I am in the shower and BOOM all the lights go out. Which means two things:
1. I am showering in pitch black and
2. My water got icy cold because our boiler is electric.
I thought that maybe it would come back on in a minute, but yeah, never came back on till I got out. But the moral of the story is that showering in pitch black is not fun, light is always better. So many people are in the dark. I know I can bring them the light through the gospel.

Love you all and have a great week!

Hermana Lindsay


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