March 5, 2018


La Loma, Tepic


Hermana Villodas

How to be humbled 101

Hello everyone!

The weeks go by way too quick here in the mission. So many things happen, and then I sit down to write, and I forget it all, haha. But, I will try my best to remember the highlights!

1. We live in our house! The mission sent us all new everything; for example, beds, a microwave, a refrigerator and it's SUPER awesome. Things like this never happen. So, I feel really lucky.

2. We have some super awesome investigators. The first is named Faviola, and she is one of the most dilligent people I have ever meet. She has had a lot of tragedy in her life that have lead her to question who God is and why these things would happen to her. We teach her and leave her with a little packet to study and when we come back she has it all marked up and her questions ready! She has a real desire to learn the truth, and I know she will recieve an answer if she continues with this dilligent study. We also have this super awesome family where the parents and the oldest child are all members but the youngest two kids are not baptized. My companion and I are excited to help this family return back to the church and hopefully eventually make it to the temple.

3. This week I was hard core humbled... I have been blessed with a very direct companion and earlier in the week she told me I was being prideful. At first I was like nooooo thats not me, haha. I have no idea why she would think that? (aka problem number one right there haha). As the week went on I realized that she was 100% right! Not that I thought I was the perfect missionary, but I thought I was doing pretty good. But, there is ALWAYS room to improve. And being teachable is an attribute I am striving to attain. Joseph Smith was called as a prophet so young because he was teachable. God calls the young to this work so we can grow, and I am grateful for this opportunity. I have to literally become a different person.

My pictures aren't wanting to send again so next week for sure!

Love you all!

Hermana Lindsay


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