February 12, 2018


Independencia, La Huerta 2 District


Hermana Herman

Halla for Jalos!

This week was probably the fastest week of my life. It's crazy how fast time goes when you are working hard and enjoying it! This week we found LOTS of new people to teach, and I am so excited for the potential in this area.

We found this family (the dad is a member) and they are too cool. We did a family Home Evening with them and taught the Plan of Salvation. This was not actually our plan. Our plan was to do a short message and a game with the kids, but the oldest daughter had this question about where we are going after we die. I guess she asked her dad and he was all "ask the missionaries when they come". So we listened to the Spirirt and taught the plan of salvation and the spirt was so strong. The Lord has prepared them, and I am so excited to see how they progress. So after the lesson they really wanted to take us out to get tacos... But not normal tacos. Tacos de tripa. Translation = Tacos of cow intestine. The dad told us after we ate to go home and drink pepto bismal because even he gets sick from them lol. But we actually never got sick! And it might have been the best taco I have had in Mexico! There is nothing better than some Mexican tacos and a nice cold coke!

On Saturday my whole zone (about 20 missionaries) went to ther city of Jalos (pronounced hallows). It was my first time leaving the city and it was soooooo cool! I suggest everyone google it because it was pretty awesome. We all split into groups and contaced basically the whole city. We had tables set up around the city for giving out the Book of Mormon. When we were there they were having a festival and there was so many people. This city has an orgin of France, so almost everyone there was white. I fit right in! And not one person asked if I was from the States! It was awesome!

Recently if I make a joke that I am Mexican people don't even question it, haha. Most of the time they reply with "Oh really what part?". Then I have to explain that I am not really Mexican just Mexican at heart haha.

This month as a mission we have been reading D&C together, and I can feel my testimony of the prophet Joseph Smith growing. I know with all my heart that he was called of God. And because of him we now have the WHOLE gospel of Jesus Christ on the earth. I hope you all have a great week!

Love you all!

Hermana Lindsay


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