January 29, 2018


Independencia, La Huerta 2 District


Hermana Herman

The hardest part of being a missionary is that you are still human...

What up family and friends!!!

Not gonna lie this was one of the toughest weeks of my mission thus far. Missions are hard. But the great part is that there is always a light at the end of the tunnel (even when you think your dying haha). The hardest part of being a missionary is the fact that we are still human. We get sick. We get tired. We have feelings.

I started off the week with a pretty bad cold and had to get a shot in my butt for THREE DAYS IN A ROW. Oh and did I mention that my companion had to give it to me??? That's TRUST and LOVE! Lucky for me she really wants to be a nurse, so she thought it was super fun. As for me not so much. But you know life goes on, haha. So, I start feeling better from this bad cough, and then I get the stomach flu!!! I have this vague memory of that day being the worst as we walked around and talked to people. The last part of our day we were talking to this man in front of his house, and I honestly thought I was going to throw up on him! Don't worry I didn't but imagine if I did, "I know I just threw up on you, but do you want to hear more of our message?” As soon as we got home, I threw up all night. Thank goodness for my comapnion who, once again, took care of me! But the great news is that I am feeling 100% recovered, and I am ready for this next week to work even harder!

The mission was not meant to be easy, and I know that I can do hard things. Our whole life is full of trials and every day in the mission I learn new ways to handle them. I have learned to turn to God in my trials instead of turning away. I have learned to have faith that God will help me. This weekend was the baptism of América, and it may have been THE cutest baptism you have ever heard of. Her mother (who is less active) came and could not stop crying through the whole baptism. It's amazing how a 9 year old girl could be such an influence in her family.

Life is great down here in Mexico and every day I see how God blesses me.

Love you all! Have a great week!

Hermana Lindsay


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