December 18, 2017


Independencia, La Huerta 2 District


Hermana Herman

You're not in Mexico till...

You're not in Mexico till...

1. You eat tacos
2. You puke in the street
3. You hand wash your clothes
4. You see a million stray dogs
5. You take a bus
6. It rains
7. You put ketchup on pizza (I have no idea why but it’s what all the Mexicans do)
8. Your milk is in a bag
9. There is dancing at a Ward Christmas party...
10. You talk to a Chatholic

Hola family and friends!!!! I can't even believe another week has come and gone! It’s so weird how fast the weeks go for me down here. I now have 2 months in the mission, and I have already learned so much. I can feel how much I've changed, and it’s only been 2 months!!!

Honestly I can´t remember much from this past week, but I do know it has been awesome! Every week is awesome. Although it is very different, it is super cool to experience a different culture. We have had a lot of appointments with people, and we have kept very busy teaching. Our area has so much potential, and I hope I get to stay here for another transfer. It has been crazy cold this past week, and it actually rained for like 2 days straight! Who would have guessed that I would need to use my jacket here in Mexico?

So yesterday I tried my first tacos here in Mexico, and I was sooooo excited! But...I was feeling super sick since the night before. I didn´t eat anything for dinner Saturday night and then no breakfast on Sunday. Then we went to a member’s house for lunch and she made us tacos! I was so excited, but also super disappointed because I knew if I ate it I would throw up... But the rules are you have to eat what members give you, and you can´t tell them you are sick because they will try and give you meds. So I struggled to eat two tacos and then dessert. That whole rest of the day I just felt like trash. We had been walking around for like two hours, and I asked my companion if we could sit for 5 mins. We got up and started walking and maybe 30 seconds later I am throwing up on the sidewalk!!! But good news is that I am felling much better! And I really hope my next experience with tacos is better haha.

My Spanish is coming along pretty fast! People are always impressed that I have only been here 3 weeks, so that helps me feel more confident.

I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas. What a wonderful time of the year. It’s not important where we are because the reason is still the same. Jesus Christ was born and because of Him all mankind is saved. I am so grateful to spend my first Christmas here in Mexico.

Love you all!

Hermana Lindsay

(I´m sorry I still havent't sent pictures but probably next week!!)


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