December 11, 2017


Independencia, La Huerta 2 District


Hermana Herman


Hello family and friends!

I seriously can not believe where the time has gone. I feel like I just got to email yesterday or something! Hermana Herman and I STILL do not have a house... and it's the worst! Every time we think we find something it never works out :( BUT, we had a super awesome experience with almost getting a house. So, we are walking down the street (one we have walked down a million times before) and there was a for rent sign!!!! So, we call the number, and we go to check it out. It's this middle age women, and she was renting out two rooms in her house for super cheap. She starts talking about how she used to have the missionaries visit her, and how they taught her to pray, and how she loved them so much. My companion and I could not believe our ears! So we told her we would come back and have our sister training leaders check the house. Turns out we are not allowed to live in someone elses house, so we had to go back to tell her we couldn´t live there. We really didn´t want to hurt her feelings, so we were really nervous to go back. SO, we go back and tell her that we can´t live there, and she completly understood. Me and my companion had the prompting to ask her if we could teach her, and we almost ignored it. We asked her if there was anything we could do to help her and she was all "Yeah! Come back and teach me at this time and on this day". WE WERE SO EXCITED! Truthfully, we were about to chicken out, so I am really glad she asked us. Although we still don´t have a house we have someone who needs our message, and in my eyes that is so much better.

We have found a lot of different people to teach! And truthfully, I think most of them just listen because we are white. We taught this family this week that are so poor it broke my heart. We would try and teach them, but they are so poor they can´t think about their spiritual needs until their physical needs are meet. During the whole lesson not one person in the family could focus because they were starving. They literally didn´t even have 10 pesos (which is less than a dollar). Our message can help them, and I know that God will help them. While we were there they were so worried for us because "you are just so beautiful and it's super dark outside". They even tried to set us up with one of their kids! So we are going to have to get creative with how we teach, so they can understand why it's so important.

Tomorrow is the day of the Virgin, and we are expecting it to be crazyyyyyyy. Already for this entire week there has been non-stop parties outside our house leading up to it. When we wake up at 6:30am the parties are just finishing! It's very different.

I hope you all have a great week! God is so good. Love you all and have a great week!

-Hermana Lindsay

Here is my address:

Apartado Postal 51-74
Colonia Las Aguilas
Zapopan, Jalisco, Mexico
C.P. 45081


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