October 26, 2017




Hermana Cook


Life at the CCM is absolutely amazing. As most of you probably know I almost missed my flight, and it was super crazy. The nicest super old blind Mexican sat next to me and really wanted to teach me Spanish. At the end of the flight he wanted me to write down his phone number, so I could call him if I needed anything!
When I got to Mexico City I waited and talked with the driver for an hour and a half with my small amount of Spanish, and his small amount of English. Long story short he wants me to meet his son who lives in Utah when I get back haha!
The people here are so nice. All the Latinos are so patient when we try and practice with them, and they help us with anything even though they have no idea what we are saying.
My companion's name is Hermana Cook, and she has finished three years at BYU and is 21 years old. She lived in the Spanish branch for 5 years and knows A LOT of Spanish, so it's hard not to compare myself sometimes. She is so nice and laughs at all of my jokes, so that makes my time with her really fun.
My Spanish is coming along, and I for sure know that it is getting better! My accent is super horrible, but I really try because that's how we learn. Every day we have language classes, and our teachers for the most part only speak Spanish. We teach a lesson every day to our investigator Manuel (who is actually our teacher), and sometimes it goes really well and sometimes it does not haha. It's super hard because I know what I want to say, but I can´t say it in Spanish.
Every night and day there are fireworks and gunshots going off; it's pretty crazy. My teacher the other day said that they remind her of the canons in hunger games, and she is exactly right! So just imagine that - like a million times every day and night. The most crazy thing to me is the amazing spirit we are able to have here in the CCM. Although the city is loud this campus is so peaceful, and they never distract from the amazing spirit here.
The food here is terrible. It's like the worst Mexican food I've ever had. Even the Latinas agree. Rule number two in our district is Pescado (fish) = Pecado (sin). SO, never ever eat the fish. Long story short an elder ate the fish the day of the big earthquake. He was in the bathroom when the earth quake hit... SO NEVER EAT THE FISH!!!
My district is amazing and I love every single person. We call ourselves the Guad Squad because every single one of us are going to the Gudalajara mission. Elder Bethers is in my district so we are together every single day. Hermana Cook and I are the only Hermanas in our district, and it's a blast.
I just wanted to end with my testimony that I know this church is true, and that I was called here for a reason. I hope all of you are doing well, and that you can feel my love from Mexico.
Love Hermana Lindsay


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