January 27, 2020


Ponderosa Branch


Sister Meldrum

Week 11--I'm a Disney Princess!!

Hi Everyone!

I'm doing well, I love my companion and all of the people we're teaching. This week was slow but I'm sure things will pick back up again. I'd much rather hear from you though!

Would you do me a favor? In just a few sentences, what does it mean to you to have a savior?

Here's mine:

I know I'm not perfect and I know that life is not perfect. Because of that, I can experience pain and guilt. My hope is in the fact that Jesus Christ has felt every burden I have faced and will face in my life.
I remember watching a friend go through something hard and just wanting so bad to take a little bit of that pain so she didn't have to feel all of it anymore. I imagine that's sort of how the Savior reacted when he learned of the things we would face. He already took upon himself your pain, that was his divine mission. Everybody can experience the healing that comes through Him, he just asks that you come unto Him.

Sorry I don't send pictures that often. Here's me and a bunch of animals. I dont know why they follow me around everywhere. I must be a Disney princess, there's no other explanation

Also a pic of me with my 3 month mark gift from the Zone Leaders :)


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