December 30, 2019


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Week 9 - Hola Everyone!!

Hola everyone!!

I hope everyone had a good Christmas!!

On Christmas we caroled to a senior center and a hospital and stopped by all the people we're teaching to give them cookies and wish them a merry Christmas. The highlight of Christmas, for me, was going to the hospital haha I was a bit more in my element there. It was crazy to see how many families were spending their Christmas there. It was so meaningful for them that we came and it felt so good to see people's faces light up. When we were there I started to care a lot less that I wasn't with my family because I was so grateful that we got to be there to bring some hapiness to those families.

Also I had the girliest Christmas ever this year Haha. Most of you know that I'm not super into cutesie Christmas traditions like matching pajamas but my roommates are super into that stuff and made me wear matching pajamas bleh. But other than the matching pajamas and the insistence on listening to David archuleta the entire night, Christmas was awesome!! The greatest joy this Christmas was to center everything on Jesus Christ.

Crazy milagro from this week!!
We went to the house of this one person we've been trying to teach and randomly this guy Gabriel was there. I honestly didn't think he was even listening but we left the fam a restoration packet (gives a brief explanation of our church and how to learn more) and our number and about an hour later Gabriel texted us that he read the packet and is going to come to church on Sunday!! We're also going to have a lesson with him that morning before church at the church and I'm pumped!!

I'm so grateful that I had the opportunity to be a missionary during christmas!! It was a nice time to be a missionary, people's hearts are definitely softened this time of year. We were able to find 8 new people to teach this week which was so exciting for me to see. God directs everything and he prepares people. One of the guys we set an appointment with listened to the missionaries for the first time 15 years ago and decided he wants to give it another shot. Its never too late to make changes and come unto Christ.

Love you all!!

Hermana Craig


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