January 8, 2020


Ponderosa Branch


Sister Meldrum

Week 9 - Update on Hermana Craig

Hello there,
Hannah didn't write an email this week, so I thought I would let you know what is happening for her currently in Bakersfield. Steve and I get to talk to her on Mondays, which is now our favorite day of the week.

As of today, Hannah's been a missionary for 2 months and 9 days. She's been in Bakersfield for the past 3 weeks though, and she is starting to really settle in. It takes awhile to feel comfortable with the schedule, the language and the expectations, but she's trying really hard.

She has been pretty healthy other than a Christmas Candy-induced flare (sugar is the devil!) This week Hannah got to spend time with one of the STL's (Sister training leader) on an exchange. She is getting along well with her companion and also enjoys learning from other missionaries as well.

She loves the members of the Spanish branch (small congregation) in East Bakersfield. She said that there are very few of them that meet together, but they are constantly helping the missionaries. It has really affected her to see their commitment and service, in spite of their small numbers. She says they are humble, kind and generous people.

Her good news is that someone she met and invited to Church is coming. Hannah and her companion have found some new people to teach. This can be difficult, because many people in the area have dogs in their yard for security, so it's not wise to enter a yard of someone they haven't already met. There was a man who had requested a Book of Mormon be delivered to his house, but he has three big dogs in his yard, so they never could even leave a note for him that they had stopped by. But eventually they happened to be in the right place at the right time as the man was taking his garbage out around the side of his property, and they were able to give him the book he had asked for.

Thank you for your love, prayers and support of our girl! It is quite a sacrifice to give up three school semesters, dating boys and focusing on her own goals. This is proving to be an invaluable experience for her life. Already, she's finding a desire to be more humble and truly care for others. And, she's learning Spanish! Building bridges...



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