December 23, 2019


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Sister Meldrum

Week 8 - Merry Chrismas!!!!!

Hey everyone!

Holy vaca this week was so good!!

Here's my report:

1) We have been teaching these kids for a while and I dont know what happened...but when we were teaching we just felt like we needed to ask them to be baptized...bold for a two week old missionary but when the spirit prompts, we follow and that's how miracles happen! We invited them even though we weren't planning on it and the kids were just so excited about it right away!! The nine year old said "I want to get baptized so I can meet God when I die!"

2) Randomly we decided to visit a member family in our ward and we met their nephew, Daniel. He's 15 and he ran away from home that day because of how bad things were with his stepdad. I've never met a 15 year old like him. He has only ever had trials and bad examples but he is such a good kid. He asked for a priesthood blessing So we came back with the Elders and we all huddled in the little kid's room to give the blessing since the police were over doing a police report. Crazy stuff. But how cool was it that we came that same day that he ran away from home so that he could know that he has a Father in heaven who loves him. No coincidences in the work of God. He'll be living with the family from now on so we are excited to teach him the lessons.

3) My companion and I both felt like we needed to visit this one referral so we headed over one night. Many of you already know this but it's a miracle when someone lets us in. Most door contacts don't end like that. Missionary work is a lot of work for small return (even though that return is priceless because all souls are great in the sight of God!!!). So this family let us in!! It was a woman in her 30's with three little kids and her mom. We started sharing our message and they listened like they had been waiting their whole lives to learn it. I can't really explain what that's like but it beats anything! They were all crying and thanked us about a million times for coming and asked us to come again after Christmas:)

Those are some miracles :) now some other stuff:

1) we found out that our ward mission leader used to be a major drug dealer whattttt but he changed his life when he found Christ and has been baptized for 15 years now. He has an awesome story...
The moment things changed for him was when he was running from the cops and this guy let him hide in his house as long as he gave his life to Christ (is this les miserables or my WML??)
This ward is funny, everyone here has a story because pretty much everyone is an immigrant/refugee. I love them all so much and there aren't that many members so we know them all

2) we were out knocking doors and it starts pouring so this guy and his wife offer for us to stand on their patio to get out of the rain....little did we know...that guy was nuts. It turns out he's also a missionary of a local church here. They follow mosaic law and stuff and told us that we would most likely be going to hell because we worship Jesus on the wrong day... and some other stuff like we should be covering our heads when we preach and celebrating Christmas is sin because it's not the actual day of his birth. Also he feels very strongly that Jesus spoke Hebrew and that if we were to be saved we needed to learn Hebrew...hmmm.
Anyway we got stuck there for a while and he ended up bringing out an entire suitcase of religious texts...I feel like I'm a pretty smart kid but I had no clue what he was talking about Haha like seriously we could not get him to stop talking. The particular exchange was in English but he told his wife in Spanish "these girls can't keep up with the truth" so then we kindly replied in Spanish to his comment which threw him off a bit Haha it was awesome.

I hope everyone has a merry Christmas. I hope that everyone can think more about their Savior. The greatest act of love that we know is a father willing to give up his son so that we could all return. Let's honor that sacrifice this year by centering our celebrations on Jesus Christ. I challenge you to figure out who he is!! Learn about his life and mission and how his birth changed everything! Also everyone should go check out this awesome new Nativity video if you haven't already called the christ can find it in gospel library or

Merry Christmas!!

Hermana Craig

1) Bakersfield is one of the most polluted cities in the US
2) Hermana Meldrum with her brass knuckles cause this place is sketch


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