December 16, 2019


Ponderosa Branch


Sister Meldrum

Week 7 - Hola Everyone!

Hola everyone!!

Sorry that it's been a while, I missed a Pday because traveling plans went totally wack. Our first flight was delayed so we had to split the 15 of us going to Bakersfield into 3 different travel groups. So anyway I made some pit stops around the country (including Dallas- shout out to Deller and Stubbs!!!) and got to Bakersfield around 1:30am. So many miracles that day though!! As soon as I got on the plane this Hispanic man sat next to me so we started chatting and such in Spanish and he gave me some great new words and phrases to make fun of the elders with. So anyway I showed him my Libro de Mormon and we read some verses together. He said that his neighbors had just given him one of them and he asked me for my favorite chapters for him to read. So cool!! He makes pens also so he gave me one of his pens to use on my mission. He said he was so grateful for me and he had never felt God so much through a person. I'm so glad I was there to give him that, he's had a hard few years.

I was running all over the place at the airport trying to get everyone to Bakersfield and rearrange travel plans so that everyone had a ticket so I wasn't able to call my family and I was really sad about it. By the time I was in line for my flight, me and the elder i was with were saying how we were bummed we couldn't chat with our families and then this guy starts walking towards us out of no where and was like "have you all been able to talk to your families yet, you can use my phone if you haven't!" Its so crazy how the Lord just provided right in that moment. Anyway, it turns out he is one of my Dad's patients and moved to Coeur d Alene a few months earlier.

So I just hung out with my "companions" in the Dallas airport for 6 hours but we weren't upset about it. So many crazy little "coincidences" happened while we were on our way, I wouldn't have had it go any other way!
It was so hard to say goodbye to my district, especially Hermana Paje. They all woke up at 2am to say goodbye to me before I left. They're all going to be such fantastic missionaries!

So there's not much to do and see in Bakersfield so thank goodness the people are so amazing! Everyone we talk to is so kind and the food definitely lives up to the hype. I'm never going to Taco Bell ever again.

The area is great, my companion and I are opening an area and starting a new branch which has been stressful and cool at the same time. It's a little tough since I dont know what I'm doing yet and there's so much to do but I know that its all happening how it's supposed to. The members are super strong here and they work with the missionaries so much. Work is definitely happening here and it's super exciting!!

It's kind of funny though, entire branches here usually consist of just a couple families because Hispanic families are huge and they either live all together or in the same neighborhood. So our branch president, first councilor, Relief Society president, ward clerk, and choir director are all siblings. Haha very fun but once family vacations happen start happening, we're toast. But yes, the branch is AMAZING, such a strong group of saints. There are only about 40 of us so everyone has to pitch in but they do!! Everyone does so much for the branch and it's really like a family. I've never seen this kind of thing before since the wards have always been big growing up.

Anyway, love you all. Send me some good news this week or something happy thats going on in your life!

Have a great week!!

Hermana Craig


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