November 23, 2019


Provo Missionary Training Center


Sister Paje

Week 4 The Potato is close to God

Hola everyone!!

This Wednesday was officially my MTC halfway point! I've been here for 3 weeks now!!

Sister Jensen, Hermana Langston, Sister Wagstaff and Elder Edward's all arrived this Wednesday so now we have 8 missionaries from Spokane here! I'm going to make sure we get a picture before everyone starts to leave (which won't be for a while Haha). Sister Wagstaff is actually in my branch! Every Wednesday night the sister training leaders and zone leaders do an orientation for new missionaries so I was able to show her around. On tuesday nights Hermana Paje and I pray for the missionaries arriving the next day so it was really cool that I was praying for one of my good friends and I didn't even know!

Hermana Paje and I have been working really hard to prepare to teach the restoration for the first time in Spanish and on Tuesday we got our chance! I don't know it you remember Nicolas, but he was the first native I spoke to in Spanish when I taught him how to pray on my 3rd day here. So he has been a member for 5 years and has been working at the MTC for 2 years now as an investigator for missionaries practicing teaching lessons. Our usual person didn't show, so we got to teach Nicolas! I was a little worried that the discussion wouldn't seem genuine since he's already a member but it was quite the opposite! We started talking about joseph smith and everything, I recited Joseph Smith's words about the first vision and Nicolas started to cry quite a bit. We answered the questions he had about prophets, God, revelation, Joseph Smith and all that. After our lesson, he told us that it was the best lesson he had ever had since working here for 2 years!! He said that he had never seen a set of missionaries that was able to answer so many questions so completely at this point in the MTC and he also told us that he actually learned new things (through us and the spirit) that he never had before! Honestly, that made the whole week worth it to me. Since that experience on Tuesday, I've been studying even harder so that I can have more experiences like that.

So something pretty funny also happened this week. We were teaching a guy about prophets and the restoration. Pretty much every person we teach is either Catholic or grew up Catholic which is awesome because they already have strong ties with God! But anyway, he asked us if the pope is a prophet. I was starting to explain my beliefs and I said "La papa esta cerca de Dios..." So some of you Spanish speakers know that "el Papa" is pope and "la papa" is potato. So essentially, I told him that the potato is close to God. The guy we were teaching starting laughing and I realized immediately what I had just said and I was so embarrassed! But it was fine, he was so nice about it and it will be a good story to day.

This week was really good, I'm seeing a lot of improvements in the district. People seem to be getting a little more focused and a little more serious about learning the language. I have to remind myself that the elders were in high school 6 months ago so I don't totally lose my mind. Hermana Paje and I are having a really great time together, we're picking up the grammar concepts really really quickly. I know this isn't because we're super geniuses or anything but because we try to be the best missionaries we can be and Christ makes up for the rest. I don't really get stressed about learning the language because I know that my message is so important that God will help me learn so that I can share it with other people.

Anyway, I'm happy and healthy and I love being a missionary. But I also want to be real. I was expecting this whole missionary thing to be a bit different than it has been. Most missionaries here are great but you can also tell that some are here to check off a box for their parents or someone else. Sometimes I'll be sitting in class while everyone is either asleep because they stayed up messing around or talking about stuff that doesn't matter and I'm just like "I can't believe I gave up so much to be here for this." But I know that at least while I'm at the MTC I just have to keep working my hardest and hold on for moments like I had with Nicolas this week. I know that I have to keep going and keep working because there are people who need to hear what I have to say.

I love you all so much! Have an excellent week!

Hermana Craig


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