November 16, 2019


Provo Missionary Training Center


Sister Paje

Week 3

Hola everyone!!

Just another week at the MTC! This week was really fun but definitely stretched me quite a bit. Spanish has been a lot of fun to learn and it's coming much faster than I thought it would!

One of the things we do while we are training to go into the field is teaching mock lessons with native Spanish speakers. Sometimes they are true investigators of the church and some are actors. My good friend Cameron Bonsignore from high school is actually an actor in some of these lessons I found out when I saw him yesterday! It might seem a little weird that we do this but it is such amazing practice especially for us learning another language.

So anyway, we taught this guy who is from Guatemala and moved to the states pretty recently to study English at BYU. We found out after the fact that he is actually a recent convert of a year and the questions and stories he shares in our practice lessons are based on his life a year ago when he was learning about the church. He asked some of the toughest questions. Many of his questions I didn't totally know how to respond to in English even. His main questions were:
If your church was the one true church, why wouldn't everyone be following it? How come there are only 16 million members?
How can you prove to me that Christ visited the Americas like it says in the book of mormon?
Why do I need a prophet when I can receive revelation for myself.

First off, it's a straight miracle I even understood his questions. I've been studying this language for exactly 16 days. I should not have been able to understand him. Gift from god of course!! I know for sure that my responses were pretty choppy but I answered the best that I could. I felt frustrated because my vocabulary was so limited but this week actually a member of the 70 came to talk to us about that. He said that these first few months of learning the language are the most powerful because you can only revert to your testimony and the truths of the gospel you've learned. He said that you can't mess things up because you can't waste time talking about things that don't matter.

This week was kind of weird for me because I was originally supposed to report this week. A huge group of missionaries going to Russia came this week and I met everyone who would've been in my district. I taught them a few funny things to say in Russian but I didn't totally feel like being around them so I didn't spend too much time with that. I was pretty busy that day anyway because I was recently called as a Sister Training Leader so I was in charge of welcoming the new elders and sisters and showing them around. Two districts came this week, one district is all from america but the other one is from tonga, samoa, mexico, micronesia, south korea, and peru. Most of them speak a little english but not much so that's been interesting but super fun actually. I've been trying to learn how to say a bit in their languages so they feel a bit more at home here.

Major take aways from being a sister training leader: Girls have a LOT of problems. I'm happy to be serving but sometimes I have to remind myself to be patient and remember that we all struggle with different things and that's okay.

But like I said, the language is coming fast. Spanish is super fun and there are tons of people here to practice with. My friends from Guatemala who are learning english here have been a really good resource for me. We ran into them video calling their families on their Pday and Hermana Paje and I were able to share our testimonies with their families. That is definitely an experience I will cherish forever. I have loved getting to know all of the latin american missionaries since I've been here. They are really strong and faithful people. It's making me so excited to get to the field!

Love you guys so much!!!

Hermana Craig


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