November 30, 2019


Provo Missionary Training Center


Sister Paje

Week 5

Hey Everyone!

This week was a bit slower than the rest have been and I'm pretty tired Haha so this email might be a bit shorter!

Thanksgiving in the MTC was honestly a lot of fun! We had 3 different devotionals and then we also did a super cool service project. Elder Anderson talked in the morning. He talked about how you never know how far your efforts will go so you should always be acting on promptings even if they're small and you dont think they'll lead to anything. It was also fun that we were celebrating with a bunch of Latinos who had never had a thanksgiving before!

During the service project we helped to bag 350,000 meals! All of those meals are going to help kids in Utah who don't have meals when they're not at school. It was so cool to see the entire MTC working together on something! I was one of the people in charge of putting it all together and organizing all of the missionaries and all of the missionaries I got assigned to are going to Spokane! Not bad! For all you Spokane missionaries, you're going to love the group that's coming. After that we watched the other side of heaven which was cool. I never realized how unnecessary and cheesy the romantic parts are. But other than that it's such a cool movie!

Unfortunately our TRC appointments aren't going well. We're teaching a girl from Ecuador. She's here studying at BYU and apparently one of the deals included in her scholarship is that she has to spend a certain amount of time letting missionaries practice on her. So yeah, she doesn't want to be here. She spends most of the lesson on her phone. We asked her if she would pray and she was like nah. I just wish I knew more Spanish so that I could understand her more but I'll get there I know.

Luckily we got to practice again on our friend Nicolas but he totally tricked us and asked questions we had not taught lessons for in Spanish but it actually went totally awesome. I surprisingly remembered a ton of words from reading in preach my gospel in Spanish so I had enough to teach. We've gotten pretty close yo him. He's bringing us In N Out next week.

I hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving and that you had a second to thank God for all that he's given you. Today is 3 months since I've been diagnosed with Crohn's disease so I'm especially grateful for my doctors and for the super freaking expensive medicine that's making it possible for me to be here right now. I'm grateful for all of you and especially for my family. I definitely missed them this week!

Would you do me a favor? Pray for opportunities this week to improve someone's life. Even if you feel like you've got nothing to offer, trust me you do!! If you're looking for them, you'll find the people who need you.

Love you all

Hermana Craig

1) The LL girls
2) Christmas lights
3) Some great people
4) Awesome choir director brother Eggot... he directed general conference!
6) found my look alike this week!
7) more great ppl


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