February 4, 2019


La Trinidad, Philippines


Sister Porio

See the Miracles

No, this was best week since I arrived in La Trinidad. I will never forget the spiritual experiences that I have had over the past few days. I was so close to going home a transfer early, even closer to going home three weeks early. If I had done that, I would have missed out on meeting some really special souls. I am so thankful that I felt inspired to complete the 18 months I was assigned.

We met Maritess while tracting in Tawang back in December. It was towards the end of the night but I felt prompted to knock on her house. She came out and allowed us to share a quick verse at her doorstep while standing, as we usually do at door steps. After the verse we asked if she had any questions or anything she'd like to add and she said she did actually have questions which caught us off guard. She asked us when we could return and we told her next Wednesday. Maritess truly is a truth seeker. She has such a tender spirit. Every lesson, she has questions. Two weeks ago she accepted a baptismal invitation for March 2. Last week we had a really amazing lesson on the Book of Mormon. She even teared up a few times. At the end we all teared up as I told her I'd be leaving soon. I testified to her that I know we were meant to meet and she agreed. Yesterday she climbed down the big hill where she lives with her toddler in one arm and her other hand holding that of her of her six-year-old and attended church. The image reminded of a pioneer mother travelling to Zion.

Mary Ann is also amazing. We met her through a member who is currently staying at her house. She has tried many churches but always felt like there was something missing. At the end of one of our lessons this week, she said ever since just meeting me when I was on exchanges with Sister Pal she has felt something different. She said when we showed up at her door step, just seeing my face she was filled with this good feeling. She called me her angel. I am so thankful for the Spirit because I know that I am not what's important, it's the Holy Ghost working through me. At the end of our lesson on Saturday, we asked her to say the closing prayer. She started to pray and then burst into tears, overcome by the Spirit. After her prayer I embraced her. She said she didn't understand why she started crying and I testified of the Holy Ghost that was testifying to her.

We taught Margaret about the Atonement of Jesus Christ. I love teaching this lesson because it applies to everyone so differently but is important for all. At the end of the lesson I also told her I'd be going home this week and she told me she knows I have touched many hearts in the Philippines, including hers. Which made me so happy I ran across the room and hugged her.

Mahal ko kayo,
Sister Jensen


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