September 16, 2018




Sister Balajadia

Baby's First Super Typhoon

So yeah, a super typhoon hit our end of the Philippines!

It's really interesting because all week all the people new it was coming but were just super casual about it. I thought it'd be more panic-y but they just kept going with normal life till it got really bad.

President had us all evacuate to the low land where the mission home was so we were pretty safe down here.

The most dangerous part of it all was the house we were staying at, us and 8 other sisters. The water stopped working and no one could come and fix it because there was a literal typhoon. Then we smelled something burning from the laundry room so we unplugged the washer. We unplugged it then after like 10 minutes there was a small explosion. Water had leaked from the ceiling where the chord had been. We ended up saying the night at the mission home. I got to take the first shower I've had in a year!!!! It was wild!!!! (ps I'm not implying we don't bathe, we just scoop cold water out pf a bucket is the thing).

The other most scary part was two night ago when we were at the terror house and the storm was getting pretty bad we were all woken up around 4:00am by a really loud bang. For the rest of the day it was rainy and windy. But we didn't see the worst of it though. Things got pretty bad in our area so we are lucky that president felt inspired to get us out of there. We will travel back later today and probably end up doing service projects all week.

Well we don't get much time to email because we are still at the mission home and the power is out in my area for about a week but thank you for all your love and prayers!

Sister Jensen


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