October 9, 2017


San Fernando, La Union


Sister Zander

Two months in!

In case you were dying to know how many American sisters there are in this mission there are 7 out of around 160 missionaries. There you go, now you know. I just think that's insane!!

This week we went to a funeral. After condolences were paid and thoughts were shared an endless supply of pancit, sticky rice and bread were brought out and the karaoke started. I had a really good time talking with the members. I love them so much which makes it all the more difficult that I can't actually speak to them as well as I'd like.

Tagalog is a hard time. I want to know the whole language right now. All I can do is take comfort from the words of Elder Holland in that there is "purpose in the time it takes". Until the fluency comes, I'm just gonna keep cycling through the words that have gotten me this far: talaga?(really?), salamat(thank you) and fragmented testimony.

While proselyting the other day we met a 15-year-old sister named Jen. We began teaching her and her friend. Once we got to the part about Jospeh Smith she said, "He's a prophet." We were like how do you know that? She then went on to tell us she'd been baptized a few years back but stopped going to church because she had no one to go with. We got her number and hope to visit her and her friend again. But here's the wild part, Upon checking the area book we realized that we found her exactly three years after getting baptized, to the day. It reminded me of Elder Rasband's talk on how in God's eyes, there are no coincidences.

That's all for this week! I love you all and thank you for our prayers and support!

Sister Jensen


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