July 13, 2020


Rome, Italy


Sorella Victoria Becker

twenty one!

Ciao ciao family!! Hows life?? Dang I just love you all, hope all is well.

Life over here is great! I turned 21 today in the eternal city and let me tell ya I am not mad about it 🥳 aha it has been such a great day and I just want to thank you all for the birthday wishes and love! If I don't respond to you it doesn't mean I don't love you okay😉

This week was great! Filled with all sorts of laughter and crazy adventures (that's what you get when you put 2 idahoans together with a Brazilian and an Italian) it's a literal non-stop party. I love these sorelle so much and im so grateful I can serve with them and learn from them.

So we had another missionary come to the mission this week and she has to be quaranteened for 15 days until she can go to her area... So shes living with us! She's from canada and she's super awesome. So we kind of have a trio again but not really but kind of?? This transfer has been all sorts of crazy mamma mia... 😅

We were able to go to the visitors center this week to film a fireside and do a virtual tour of the visitors center. We talked about the stained glass and the story that depicts Jesus healing the lepor. That story is powerful, and I would invite you all to go look at a photo of the stained glass while studying the story, truly eye opening! One aspect I love is that the lepor had a crutch that he was using to help him walk, because his disease was completely debilitating. However, he chose to use drop his crutch, to leave it behind to take the hand of the Savior and allow Him to make him whole. I think a lot of times in our life we have to do just this. We have to drop our crutches and choose to COMPLETELY rely on the Savior. Not just a little bit, but with our whole heart. We have to give it all to Him. He doesnt ask for riches He asks for US. our hearts, our souls, our very beings. If we can leave the things of this world and search Christ diligently, He will carry us safely home.

We also had our last zone conference this week and it was really special to bear my final testimony to my fellow Italy Rome missionaries of the truthfulness of this work. I got choked up just even thinking about my mission, and how much it truly means to me. Let's just pray when i speak to you all I can even get a word out lol. I am eternally grateful for my mission, I wouldnt change it for the world. It has brought me to truly know my Savior Jesus Christ, and in doing so I have come to feel of the pure joy He so freely offers. I LOVE THIS WORK. and I wont ever stop being a missionary. There's perhaps no greater blessing than to be the vessel by which someone can feel the love of God. I live for this, and I can testify its true. I love you all, go help someone feel God's love this week!!

Ciao ciao,

Sorella Nelson


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