April 27, 2020


Ladispoli, Italy


Sorella Breanne Davis

reach out to Jesus

Hey fam what's up!! This week literally flew by I don't even know whats happened. So transfers happened!! GUESS WHAT?? YOU'LL NEVER GUESS!! I'M STAYING HERE! Considering the fact that I can't leave the apartment i guess it would be pretty hard to leave the city. ahaha I'm in Ladispoli for a 6th transfer! I've been here for approximately seven months. And I love the people more than ever. I'm grateful I can continue to work with them for a while longer. They've truly become some of my most favorite people, and I'm honored to be given the chance to serve them.

So. My friend Zhanna. My russian/italian/hipster friend Zhanna. She's pretty cool. We taught her the word of wisdom this week and she was so open to following it!! And then, the member that we did the lesson with actually lives in Arizona (long story but she's literally so amazing) challenged us also to live it a little better this week. And I had this moment where I got a taste of what it feels like to be on the other side of the missionary commitments! It was so awesome!! I literally couldn't stop smiling. So yeah I tried really hard to crack down on the word of wisdom (basically I just tried controlling my snacking this week lol) and it was cool!! This might sound like such a classic missionary thing but I totally strengthened my testimony of the word of wisdom!! It was awesome!

Anyways. It was fun! Also I hit 15 months this week. So that was cool. Life is great! I'm happy I'm here and I'm growing. I'm really learning a lot about who I really am in this quarantine 😂 dang. Let's just say I'm so grateful for the knowledge I have that I can turn to a Father in Heaven that loves me and wants to help me. And He does! Everytime we go to Him, He reaches back out to us. I've seen it and I know it's true!! As my friend Elvis Presley says "reach out to Jesus, He's reaching out to you".

That's my peace. Love yall! Ciao ciao!!

Sorella Nelson


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