April 20, 2020


Ladispoli, Italy


Sorella Breanne Davis

mysteries and miracles

Ciao ciao fam what is up?? I hope everyone is doing well! I miss yall but gosh dangit I'm so blessed to be able to still wear my tag!! I wouldn't want to be anywhere else 😊

So this week was pretty great! It flew by as the weeks like to do, and we saw a huge miracle!! So we have been working with this member Monica and her boyfriend to teach him the lessons, and this week we tried calling Monica to plan when we could set up our next appointment. APPARENTLY in our phone there are two Monicas with two different numbers but both saved under the same contact. Which is weird cause we've called Monica a lot in the past to plan lessons and stuff and we've never called the wrong Monica. BUT the good hand of the Lord is in all things as you know and we go to call Monica but someone else answers. I can tell immediately it's not the Monica we intended to call but this Monica is so happy to hear from us! So we just kinda roll with it and set up an appointment with her without having a single clue who she is. Lol. So the day finally arrives and we call our mystery Monica. Let me tell ya- her new name is miracle Monica. She's AMAZING! she is a member of a long time and she has been inactive for a long time but has been thinking about the church and how much she misses it. She has the desire to come back and she was telling her daughters all about how we called her and she's so excited to meet us. Literally what. So much love!! I have so much love for her! When we desire to come back to God He WILL reach out to us. I've seen it time and time again. It's incredible how His hand is in the daily details.

Anyways that my peace for today. I love Christ a whole lot and I feel His love for me. I also feel it for the people around me, which I think is the biggest blessing of being a missionary. To be able to see someone the way God does. We are all His children. He loves us and guides us!

Ciao ciao,

Sorella Nelson

Ps. Our house flooded this week. Hahahaha everything is fine I'm fine. We're fine. Its fine.

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