March 9, 2020


Ladispoli, Italy


Sorella Breanne Davis

avanti andiam

Ciao ciao fam!!

This week was nuts. Corona virus is becoming a real problem lol. Italy released a bunch of rules that we all have to follow (but low-key no one really does) and basically there's no shaking hands with anyone and we all have to stay a meter apart from one another... Makes missionary work feel really distant. It's been interesting but we had a collaboration of our missionary efforts (it was really just zone conference but we can't call it that because we can't congregate in large groups for meetings or conferences) that really helped!! We all had to sit a meter apart from everyone else lol. So it was really funny. But I gave my first training at our collaboration of missionary efforts and it was so awesome!! Yall wanna hear a miracle?? Okay so my trainer in the mission trained me really young so she still be out here in the field. She only has two weeks left 😭😭 but she's in my zone and we are the two sister training leaders for the zone so we were able to give the training together!! And the exact day we gave it was an exact year to the day of the first day we became companions. It was literally the coolest thing ever!! We recreated the exact same selfie we took a year ago and it's so funny lol 😂

So my testimony was strengthened this week a lot. I was kind of struggling with just knowing how to help our people and I just wasn't sure what to do. Also with all this corona virus stuff it just was crazy. When we had our collaboration of missionary efforts the spirit was so strong. It was truly amazing. Thanks to corona virus, the visitors center is closed for 2 weeks, so while we there for this collaboration, we were able to use the room with the Cristus to do our musical number. The spirit that was in that room was incredible. We sang our mission hymn and while singing it I was able to look at the Cristus and it truly felt as if I was singing to my Savior. I was telling Him in that moment that I am committed to Him and to His sheep here. It was a moment that I can't ever forget. Basically my testimony is that God is here. He watches us. We are His sheep and it is His work to bring us back to Him. I know He lives. I've never seen Him, but I KNOW with all of me He is there. He's my Father, and He loves me for who I am. How grateful I am that I can share this knowledge with my crazy Italians!!

If yall wanna hear an amazing song that will 100% que the water works go listen to "My Kindness Shall Not Depart From Thee" by Rob Gardner. I promise you wont regret it.

Alright that's it. I love yall. Have a good week. Dont get corona. Also pray for Italy please.

Ciao ciao,

Sorella Nelson ❤️

1.So the picture on the bottom is me and my trainers first selfie together and then the one on the top is a year later. I love her!!
2. My favorite place 😊
3. Shout-out to my idahomie mission president with the lit Idaho sticker.
4. We be hand sanitizing every 2 minutes out here dont worry


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