December 2, 2019


Ladispoli, Italy


Sorella Maylin Erickson

happy thanksgiving + merry christmas + sorella bingham

First of all. Happy Thanksgiving!!!! Second of all. Merry Christmas!!!! Third of all. I met Sorella Bingham and she gave me a hug. What.

This week was wild it went by so fast. I wouldn't be surprised if all of December just flies by. We had some awesome things happen this week though!! One day we were returning home on a train and we got stuck at this one stop for over an hour and so we asked around and turns out someone got hit, but then turns out again it was an animal (at least we hope) it was kinda gnarly though because we went up to the front of the train and we saw the blood of whatever it was that got hit 😣 anyyyways I'm sure thats all yall wanna hear about lol.

After that we actually found a dead cat on the side of the road. Ask me why all these things are happening and everything is dying. What. I'm slightly concerned but life goes on ya know.


Thanksgiving was good we threw a party for English course and it was pretty fun. When you ask Italians to bring food for something they PULL THROUGH. man we had a good amount of food. And then literally December first we put up our cute little Christmas tree!! Shout out to my mamma for sending me a little Christmas tree 🎄 I'm so excitedddddd!!

Okay also mercy accepted a baptismal invite and so we are working to get her ready 😊😊 we had a baptism for a little girl in our ward and it was so good! It's always so good to feel the spirit of baptism and truly it is such a beautiful ordinance.

I ALMOST FORGOT. Okay so Sorella Bingham (the general relief society president) came to Rome to give a devotional for the Italians. The devotional wasn't until Sunday night and so guess who came to fast and testimony meeting in the Ladispoli ward?? That's right. My girl sister Bingham. She's so lit. She bore her testimony and then she talked to me and my companion later and gave us hugs and cried thanking us for our service :') her testimony was so beautiful and she's a wonderful human!! So that was fun 😊

I love you all i hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and start pumping up for Christmas!!!!!!! Vi voglio bene 😊❤️

Ciao ciao,

Sorella Nelson


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