November 18, 2019


Ladispoli, Italy


Sorella Maylin Erickson

when the rains come down...

Ciao a tutti!! What's up with yall? Hows life? I hope all is going just dandy!!

This week was kinda full of rain. Haha literally everyday just loads of rain. And also wind. There was a small tornado and the wind last night literally was shaking our bed 😅 haha but everything's fine its fine we're fine. We are definitely receiving plentifully right now just pray we can stay dry. We saw a cool miracle though thanks to the rain!! So we went to try and find this less active woman and she has been ignoring us for the past months (gotta love em anyway am I right or am I right) and it started pouring literally like 2 min before we got to her house so when we get there we are ringing the doorbell like crazy trying to get let in cause we be desperate 😂 usually we only ring once but we literally rang 3 times lol. Sometimes ya gotta be annoying ya feel?? It worked!! She finally opened the door and was like "SORELLE get in here!!" so we run inside and basically it was all a huge miracle. She was raised in the church and has just become less active in recent years. She ended up opening up to us alot because she had literally said a prayer the night before asking for help becuase she's been going through some rough things. And then she proceeded to tell us how amazed she was that literally the next morning we show up on her door as the response to her prayer. When we pray God LISTENS. every time. He hears us and He loves us. Something I have learned is that God is always waiting to bless us, we just first have to do our part and He will always reach out back to us. It was so cool to see that by following the spirit that morning we were able to be instruments in the Lords hands to help this woman feel of His love.

Yall ready for some more miracles? we ran into like 3 members during the rain storms in the center of town who then insisted to take us to get a hot chocolate or to bring us back to their house and give us some cookies or the other member who literally gave us a ride in a huge hailstorm. Literally 3 different instances where members just completely saved us 😭😭 it was such a huge tender mercy!! The Lord watches out for His missionaries 🥰

This transfer i studied charity, and I can't really put into words the amount of things I learned and felt this transfer. All I can manage to put into words is:
1. I love my mission so so so much
2. I love my Savior even more
3. I know with 100% certainty that He loves me
4. I know He loves His Italians
5. I love my Italians gosh dangit
6. I gotta whole lotta lovin' in my heart;)

That's it for now. I could say alot more about charity but all I wanna say is never forget the first great commandment, to love God with all your heart, might, mind, and strength. We don't deserve all the love He gives us, but He gives it nonetheless and He will never cease to do so. Now go & be the reason someone can feel His love.

Con tanto amore,

Sorella Nelson

PS. last p day we accidentally went back to rome after we literally had just gotten home from Rome because we got on the wrong train and we didn't get home until late oops. It was a boujie train though. Haha my bad. (see last picture)


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