November 11, 2019


Ladispoli, Italy


Sorella Maylin Erickson

love overloadddddd

Ciaooooooo. Haha it's been a solid 3 days since I talked to yall. Hope all is still well!

Well, this weekend was so good!!! There was a baptism for a little girl in our ward, and it was one of the most spirit-filled baptisms I've ever attended. Seriously so amazing. Basically our whole zone was there and all the missionaries sang a baptism song and I played the piano and it was beautiful. I don't know what it was, but I just felt such a good spirit. The parents of the girl that got baptized had invited some of their friends to the baptism (member missionary work babyyyyy) and one of their friends was crying the whole time. The spirit was literally testifying to her in that moment when this little girl was baptized with priesthood authority that all of this was true. Those are the kind of moments I live for as a missionary. That is why we're here.

And then the rest of the weekend was pretty good. I was kinda struggling a little just with feeling like not good enough or whatever lol (in the end none of us really are to do this work, but the Lord calls us anyway) and I was blessed with two huge tender mercies. So Sunday comes and I give a talk in church and I felt the spirit really strongly. I had been praying and preparing for the talk during the week that I would be able to say whatever the Lord needed me to. The talk went well and everything and then after sacrament, one of the members of the bishopric called us aside and told us how grateful he was for the work that we are doing, and how he could literally feel during the talk that many prayers were put into it to be able to convey what the Lord needed to convey. He then gave us some counsel on how much of a privilege it is to wear the Savior's name for this short period of time and how hard it is to take the name tag off. That was tender mercy number one. Just hearing that little reminder and hearing how grateful he was for us helped remind me how grateful I am to be here, no matter how hard it may be. And that people notice!! Even when it feels like you aren't making a tiny bit of difference, you are helping someone. And then another tender mercy came when a woman in our ward got up in relief society and basically told everyone how its a privelege to have the missionaries in the ward and how grateful she was for us. She cried, I cried. Mamma mia the Lord will forever bless us with tender mercies, even when we don't deserve them. I truly was reminded how much the Lord loves me, and that is why Im here.

Okay wow sorry for the overload. I love you all, truly! This work is great and the people are even greater.

Vi voglio un mondo di bene davvero!! 🥰

Ciao ciao,
Sorella Nelson

Ps. I'm stayimg in Ladispoli for another transfer AND I'm staying with my girl Sorella erickson!! I literally love her it's just a love fest over here.


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